Not Pregnant & Short Jeans

I haven’t really talked about it much on here, but I’ve had a cold the past week or so. It came & went, and then came back again. There are days mixed in between where I will have, what feels like stomach cramping. My stomach just hurts. Today I swear I was thisclose to throwing up. A few weeks ago, when my stomach was hurting for three days, I thought it must be because I was pregnant.

Both my (sweet, sweet boys. man I love those kids) boys have also had a cold for  a week or so. I feel like our house in infested with germs! My dad just came to visit and stocked up on a few things from the drug store. 🙂 Lots of antibacterial wipes, cold medicine and soap. 

 I have taken three pregnancy test over the last couple weeks because I’m so convinced of it.  I can’t figure why else my stomach would be hurting. It’s really frustrating! It just seems to come and go and I can’t match it with any foods that I’m eating, so I don’t know what to do about it. 
I’m glad I’m not pregnant. It is a relief! I do not want to be pregnant right now. No thank you. But at the same time, I don’t know why my stomach feels crampy — like I should either be on my period or be carrying a child, but neither is happening. 
Weird, huh? 
Anyways, on other news, I got some jeans hemmed this weekend. 
I’ve never payed to get pants hemmed before, (for THIS very reason) I’ve just always worn them too long and a little baggy or rolled up. I got a cute pair from Gap that fit great, except even though they were “short” they were still way too long. 
So, I really wanted to get the length fit right so they would fit perfect.

But, I got think they are too short!! I feel weird in them! 

I am sooooo bummed right now. My husband thinks they are fine. My dad thinks they could un-hem them a tiny bit and they would look better. I need your honest womenly-fashion expert opinion on these. 
I hope you can tell in these pictures. The angle might be misleading.  I’m not wearing shoes either, but when I do wear normal tennis shoes they are just a little up from the floor. I think part of my problem is because I’ve always worn pants that were too long, I’m not sure what pants that are “just right” are suppose to look like! You know? 
What do you think? Perfect? Fixable? Ruined? Is it even possible to take the hem out and make them like 2 cem. longer? Would that end up being worse?
Bah! I am not happy. Why can’t jeans just fit me right?!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

20 thoughts on “Not Pregnant & Short Jeans

  1. I think the jeans are perfect! I've never had a pair that fit perfectly either, I feel cursed! lol

    Hope you and the boys feel better from the colds soon and that you figure out what's going on with your tummy troubles.

  2. Without seeing you in shoes, they look perfect. If you want them longer, you CAN have the hem let out again. However, if they skim the floor now and are off the floor with shoes, that should be perfect. You do NOT want them to touch the floor when you wear shoes. It will ruin your pants!

    But really, who cares what I think?! 🙂 They're your pants and if you aren't comfortable in them, then that's what matters. And it's so hard to tell in pictures online anyway.

  3. I'm a guy and I think they look fine. I know I know don't take fashion advice from a guy… but I'm a suprisingly good heterosexual fashionistic dude.Just make sure you wear them with some type of heels. Jeans that flare out slightly at the bottom like that wouldn't look good with flats. Knawumsayin'?

  4. The jeans look perfect to me.

    So sorry you and yours are sickly. Try washing all of your pillows, in bleach and hot water if they can handle it. Mattress pad too, if you have one. Lysol (or your preferred disinfectant)the bed and such. Change out the toothbrushes. My theory is it can't hurt and might help.

    As to the crampiness, has your period come back since having the baby? If not, maybe it's trying to. Or maybe it's just part of your current sicky yuckiness.

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  5. They look great! I always wear my jeans too long and bought a pair that actually barely touched the ground w/o shoes. It seemed odd to have jeans that didn't drag the ground. They're my fave now…and still look new- instead of being all ragged @ the bottom. 🙂

  6. I'm weird, I like my jeans to the ground. Yours look fine bare foot but it just depends on how you like them with your shoes. If you're uncomfortable with it you're not going to want to wear them much and that would be a waste of your money. Good luck!

  7. I think they look good but I understand what you mean. I am SO weird about where the jeans are. Maybe take them out a tad bit as a happy medium?

  8. The jeans look great!I may have to hem some of mine.
    With this last baby I started taking pregnancy test two days after i conceived, because of the cramping and it took 4 weeks for it show up on a stick…
    Also months 7 and 8 pp I had period cramps for a week with no period, then month 9 it came right in line with the cramping.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. most places that you TAKE them to be hemmed, ask what length you want them and what shoes you are wearing them with. I would say you could wear up to a 2 inch heel or boot with them and be fine, since they fall to the floor at your ankle. No matter what, at that length, they will NOT look highwater– trust me. I've had plenty of pants hemmed. You're just fine.

  10. I think they look like they fit just right. I think you probably feel weird in them because they are usually too long on you, but those are what my jeans normally look like when I buy them. I am 5 7.

  11. The jeans look just right, but post a pic wearing shoes. I'm sure with flats they will be fine. You're just so used to your pants being long. It will take a little while to get used to them.

  12. I think you just aren't used to jeans that are hemmed correctly. They fit how they are supposed to fit.

  13. Definately leave the jeans! 🙂 They are the perfect length; you might just feel weird in them because you're not used to pants being the right length. I would even say you could make them a tiny bit shorter and it'd be okay.

  14. I think the jeans are just fine! I've only had one pair of jeans hemmed and i've been lucky to find the rest at a good length at Nordstrom Rack. I hate that when I think I'm preggo but not and can't explain my symptoms. Hope the cramping stops.

  15. Hey, about the stomach cramps… We have been sick around here too. My kiddos are coughing horribly. I took one to the hospital because his fever spiked and he just looked/felt miserable. Also with this cold (or whatever evil it is) we have had horrible stomach cramps! Everyone I know that has it (including 4 in my house and several others in the community) have complained with awful cramps that just come and go rather randomly.
    So, maybe that is why you are cramping too?

    It is strange how this sickness is EVERYWHERE! We are in KY and so many people around here have it, the shelves are almost empty of tylenol and cold medicines… I have never seen anything like it! It is kind of scary:( And everything I have been reading tells me that most of the other states are affected by the illness as well.

    P.S. I think the jeans are fine too:)

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