New Car Seats and Produce at Costco

We’ve had a busy morning!

After a few chores (tiding up the kitchen and putting away some cloth diapers) and a little game of playing cars, we installed Lucas’s new car seat! We decided it made the most sense to give Joshua the Marathon – which he is now in rear facing – and get a new seat for Lucas that would last until he is completely out of car seats.

We ended up getting the Britax Frontier 85 (thanks grandpa) which goes from a car seat to boster until a child is 120 pounds. It should last us forever.  It’s huge! Lucas looks like such a big kid sitting in it. It was so clean and nice — we thought about changing the rules to “no food in the car” again, but realized that’s just not going to happen. Besides, he was so happy to have a special place just for his crackers!

The trickest part with getting new seats is making sure they are installed correctly and fit the kid the right way. I had to read and re-read the instructions online and on the manual several times. I hope we got it all right!

Now, my biggest question is about the tether in the Britax Marathon. We never had it like this with Lucas, but when installing it again and looking in the manual, it talked about installing the tether. We also have it in the Latch system. Honestly, I have never see in like this online or in peoples cars, so I’m not sure if this is necessary or right. It looks really silly, doesn’t it? It’s also really hard to get Joshua in and out of the seat like this. Up and over and under isn’t so easy.

I’m looking up more information on it now, but it seems to be a little conflicting. What do you know about this? I think the Latch system should be enough -right?

After new seats, we went to Costco!

I was so excited, this was the first time we put both boys in the shopping cart.

Ah my little loves!

I do not tell him to be sweet like that. He just does it and I start crying in the middle of the store and squeaking and squealing and take 14 pictures with my iphone and embarrass the heck of my husband who at this point has wandered off somewhere in the electronic section.

I just die.

We are going through food so fast around here. Lucas is eating like he’s 16 years old and has just invited his friends over for a round of video games and cheese fries. As crazy as it sounds, we’re going to try shopping at Costco more and Fred Meyer less. We spend a lot of money at Fred Meyer, but it smaller chunks throughout the week. I think things at Costco are definitely cheaper in the long run, especially for fruits and veggies!

We were mostly making a produce run, but of course walked out with a few other things too.

Apples, peaches, crackers, beef, carrots, spinach, eggs, socks, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, bean & salsa dip. All that and we forgot to get frozen veggies!

I normally am really into buying organic produce, especially apples and strawberries considering those are named as part of the “dirty dozen” but Costco doesn’t have all of their produce as USDA organic. And, it is so much cheaper. It’s a hard balance, that’s for sure.

It was only $10 for all those raspberries. We ate through almost two little boxes when we got home. They are so yummy! Do you want to know how much stuff cost? Would that be interesting? I wonder if prices at my Costco in Alaska are the same as yours? Here, compare produce prices with me.

Raspberries: $10
Organic Spinach: $4
Strawberries: $8
Organic Carrots: $6.59
Organic Ground Beef (3 pounds): $14

{As I type this my husband is saying oh my gosh in his I can’t believe you’re blogging about this voice. He is still getting used to being married to a professional blogger.} I kid, I kid! 😉

Bananas: $2.10 (SO cheap!)
Organic Salsa & Bean Dip: $7
Ritz: $6.27
Peaches: $11
Apples: $7.29
Eggs: $9 (Not organic- I would LOVE to buy organic eggs.)

That was fun!

Now from you:

– thoughts on the Britax Marathon and those crazy straps?
– organic produce always or just when you can afford it. Or 50/50?
– how much money do you spend at Costco on a typical outing?
– do you have a Britax Frontier? I love ours so far!

I have to work tonight, have a great day my friends!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

29 thoughts on “New Car Seats and Produce at Costco

  1. I LOVE Costco. I love their Organic offerings too- especially since they're cheaper! I live in Arizona and these are my (approximate) costs for those things you bought:

    Raspberries: $9
    Organic Spinach: $4
    Strawberries: $8
    Organic Carrots: $5
    Organic Ground Beef (3 pounds): $12
    Bananas: $1.79 (I think)
    Organic Salsa & Bean Dip: No idea- I've never bought it!
    Ritz: We don't do a lot of crackers- I'm not sure!
    Peaches: $10
    Apples: $7
    Eggs: $2.50/ 18 count. How many did you buy for $9??? We do have organic offerings sometimes, but they're like $6 for a 18, if you can find them. I have a hard time finding them in stock.

  2. I'm in Arizona too! I have not been to Costco recently, I'll have to check it out.

    We just bought the Marathon though and I was asking my husband the same thing regarding the third point of contact (tether). The guy at the store said it could also be attached to the bottom of the driver/passenger seat but we have a newer car so everything is covered with plastic. I thought it would be too difficult to have the tether connecting to the back of the car the way you have Joshua's. They told us it's safest if this is connected, but I'm not sure where we can connect it that it won't be in the way.

  3. those prices are almost exactly the same! Sweet!

    $9 for 5 dozen eggs.

    Michelle- It IS totally in the way with the tether like that. It's really hard and tricky to get him in, especially as he gets older it just won't work. We don't have a conector thing on the floor either.

    I have a feeling we will be taking it off real soon! 🙂

  4. I generally don't buy organic fruit, because of the price mainly. I do buy organic milk at $5.99 per gallon. We have chickens but we don't feed them organic feed but the eggs definitely taste better than store bought. I do wish my boys (25, 16, 14) were babies again but I do NOT miss the car seats. I know it's all about safety but they are a pain in the butt, especially when you want to put them in a different car.

    Karen in Maryland

  5. You must. must. must. use the tether. Ask around for a CPST in your area who can help. In the case of a rearfacing infant you tether to the seat behind them on the floor. We have ours anchored behind the driver's seat. Opposite of what's pictured here. Does that make sense?

  6. SO -my hubby says there is no tether on the floor, I'm going to double check though.

    WHen we got our car seats inspected a while ago (when the maraton was RF with Lucas) they said it was right. Soooo, I'm not sure.

  7. Rear facing should tether to the ground. I think that pulling it over like you have it probably pulls the seat to an incorrect angle. Not all cars have bottom anchors though… I agree with asking at Lucas's seat is tethered right to the back of the car right??

  8. Also, just for a note, there may be a piece of plastic covering the rails on the bottom of the passenger seat. Mine had one too. It just pops off. Leave it off but put it in a safe place that way you can put it back after the seat is not longer tethered there. :o)

  9. Oh, and on Lucas' seat, the little round pad in the crotch area should be between the buckle and Lucas' not under him. :oP Hope that all those videos help! Hard to explain without seeing it! :o)

  10. And that video is missing a very important step in the installation… you should be tightening the straps while putting weight on the car seat with your knee to simulate the weight of your child. Otherwise, when you put your child in the car seat goes down and the straps become looser which is dangerous.

  11. I love to see the prices, especially since I'm moving to Anchorage on July 16th! I have a Costco trip planned tomorrow, so I am definitely going to note the prices so I can see the real difference between California and Alaska.

  12. Yes! What they said! You need to use the little D-Ring that came with the seat (and if it wasn't in the bag that's attached to the back of the seat you can buy them on Britax's website.) We anchor it to the metal that the driver's seat slides on. Whoever checked it before was not correct.

  13. dont have one of those seats, but the strap doesnt go over the seat, my hubby says there should be a 'dog bone' that came with the seat, you use it to fasten the seat (in picture 3 there's a hole underneath baby's legs from the side you can see it in the picture).. anyway, hopefully the videos people have posted help you, but over the seat is NOT right!

  14. So…I haven't read all the comments, but I'll tell you what I know about car seats. The mommas on the Car Seat Questions group board on know EVERYTHING. If you're still confused, ask them!!

  15. “And that video is missing a very important step in the installation… you should be tightening the straps while putting weight on the car seat with your knee to simulate the weight of your child. Otherwise, when you put your child in the car seat goes down and the straps become looser which is dangerous.” – I agree! I didn't agree with everything in the videos, but they showed the installation using the D-ring the best. That was all I was pointing out. The videos are not perfect by any means. :o)

  16. Your boys are so stinkin' cute! How old are they? They look so close in age. Ahh, I spend so much money on groceries. So much! We go organic with most things now but wooo wee it is pricey. And if we go to the stores that have mostly organic stuff, it is even worse with price. There are some organic things at Costco so that is nice…beef, eggs, chicken, bread, etc.

  17. thank you so much everyone!! The manual that comes with the car seat says this is okay, it even has a picture that looks just like ours, but it does NOT work for getting a child in and out. Hmmmm. It also looks really silly. 🙂

    Thank you!! We are going to fix it!

  18. I live in Anchorage too! I bought the same flat of raspberries a few days ago and they went moldy really quick…..should have made a pie!

  19. Glad that I could help! :o) Hope that getting Joshua in the seat is much easier now! :o) Also, way to go getting info instead of just giving up! Not only have you helped yourself, but I bet someone else will or has run across this and it has helped them too! Power of the internet! :o)

  20. You have it tethered in the “Australian method.” It is safe to do it this way. However, most people will tether it behind the car seat, because that will help with rebound in a crash.

    No car will have a designated tether spot on the floor for a RF car seat. Britax seats come with “D-rings” that are used for RF tethering. Wrap the strap of the D-ring around a part of the car that is bolted to the frame (ie: the part where the front seat slides back and forth). Then clip the tether to the metal ring that's connected to the strap.

    Do you NEED to tether? No. But it does offer an additional measure of protection, especially for older, heavier RF babies. That's the whole reason we have chosen Radians and Britax seats, because they are the only two brands that can tether RF.

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