Just What I Needed

I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Eat like crap and skip my workouts. I know that working out makes me feel good and makes me happy as the sun, but sometimes I guess I forget that. Or my brain turns off or something.

I went for a little jog tonight.

Started off with a mile, then had to come home and switch shoes. These shoes are done. My knees and feet were hurting. Plus, my ipod wasn’t working on my phone so I had to have my smart electronic man husband fix it. (By turning off the “shuffle when shake phone” setting. Ha!)

I got these new pants – which I love – but I found out tonight that they do not work for running. They are super cute and comfy Nike capris, but when I was running they kept falling down. So it probably looked like I was running with poop in my pants or something because they were baggy in the behind area, or I was pulling them up really awkwardly which is sort of hard to do when you run 7:30 min/miles.

So good mental checklists for me. Wear different pants. Better shoes. Change setting on phone.

I ran to the gym, and then walked very slowly back home. Just enjoying the breeze and perfect weather.

I’m having some issues with work. I’m not going to go into them here on the blog because I don’t know (gosh. God Forbid..) if my boss has ever read this or who reads it for that matter. Scary thing about the internet, eh? Don’t know who’s reading about my personal life. Anyways, I needed to get some fresh air.

I have so many thoughts and jumble venting I want to do about working and not working and how sometimes I don’t know why I’m working (outside the home) in the first place when it seems like 86% of my friends don’t work (outside the home- we work 24/7 as a mom, you know what I mean) and then I remember that the extra money is nice and that I do like to get away from the house. I will save the venting for another day. Be excited.

Thank goodness I am a professional blogger and make $3,562 a month. This is the LIFE!

I think I’m going to start watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager on Netflix with Season 1, Episode 1 so I can feel like a teenager again and have my parents pay all my bills and sit in the shower for 30 minutes and feel lucky cause I don’t have to pay that water bill!

And also my friends are coming over and we are going to eat all the Tostinos pizza’s in the freezer!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Just What I Needed

  1. I have some of the same troubles. I don't belong to a gym because we can't afford it but in south Texas it's too hot 90% of the day to exercise outside during the summer. Plus if I ask DH if I can go walk he'll say, “Well are you going to take Silas?” While a stroller is a good counterweight, I want to scream, “NO I WANT SOME TIME TO MYSELF.” I would love to stay home too but I make about 97% of our household income and my husband's a full-time student so that wouldn't work. Oh to dream…

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