When Lucas was little, around Joshua’s age, I used to take him quite often to the pool. I then took him again early last winter several times. But then I got pregnant and didn’t feel like taking a toddler swimming, and then we had a newborn baby. So, it’s been a while since we’ve been to the pool.

We have just recently started going again. It’s great because the pool is just minutes from our house and there are so many great benefits to it: it’s fun for Lucas, teaches him how to swim/be comfortable in the water, and he get exercise. He loves it!

Today, my husband and I both went and we took both boys. This was Joshua’s first time in the pool!

He was getting a little tired, so I took him out early.  Look at his little – or not so little- rolls. 🙂

Lucas did so great playing in the water, jumping into the pool, going under water and he loved just sitting on the stairs. When he goes with dad it’s more play, and when I take him I try to work on blowing bubblles and more swimming lesson type stuff.

I have thought about putting him in swimming lessons, but I feel like everything they do with them at this stage is stuff that I can do with him myself. It’s not cheap for lessons either! I could definitely not take both boys by myself though. That would not be possible, or safe.

I think it took more time and energy to get both boys dressed after swimming then it did to actually swim with them! Thankfully my hubby was there to help. Great family time.

Did you put your kids in swimming lessons? 

Do you take them swimming often?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Swimming!

  1. Husband use to be a life guard & taught the little's lessons, so thankfully he will be teaching our kids! I taught my nephew to swim though & I had no prior training. I think it can be done by the parent or relative. My brother's Step-dad just threw him in the water & told him to swim. Sad situation but it was the 80's & according to him “that how to teach kids to swim.” People are crazy!

  2. These are such fantastic pics! We have a wading pool for Silas (14 m) but I want to take him to a pool-pool soon. DH is worried about ear infections. I grew up in the water (without ear infections) so we're divided on the importance of swimming (and the fun of it I guess). I would definitely be anti lessons right now – just let them have fun with it and learn the basics and then hone those skills later.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to sign my kids up for swim lessons. I've been totally procrastinating!! We do swim lessons in the summer but not all year long. Sometimes I feel like we should do it more but they are expensive and I'd rather pay for gymnastics or dance.

  4. We've considered swim lessons for Pixie, who just turned two. I figure the benefits at this age are really more teaching the parents how to safely teach their kids, though I'm also debating it as a way to get the Hubbles out with his daughter on a schedule. If you pay for the class, you pretty much have to make!

  5. We singed our kids to swimmimg lessons starting at age 4 or 5. The 3 oldest girls know how to swim now but they are not excellent . the youngest ds who's 7 is still taking lessons and enjoying it .

    we go swimmimg a lot in summer as it's hot here . in the club we're members in there are several pools one is ladies only.

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