Workout Training for July

I’m hesitant to call this “Body After Baby Challenge” only because I don’t want to promise any daily or weekly challenges for you. So, I’m going to be doing a little challenge for myself and if would like to join me, that would be awesome! 🙂 I’m hoping that I will have the time, energy and motivation to blog about it daily so I can keep myself accountable, as well as share with you what I’m doing!

I have about 7 weeks until the Skinny Raven Half Marathon. I’m currently facing two emotions over it. A)I really don’t want to do it. I’m out of shape. It’s hard. Waah. Waah. Waah. and B) I have a lot of work I can do in the next month to improve my time and performance on the half and I’m excited because I’m running it with my mom!

There are so many things I want to add to my weekly workout schedule, to both train for my running as well as lose a little weight and “tighten up”. Here are some general things I want to include each week:

– Swimming 1-2x/week :: Great cardiovascular workout and best of all, it’s easy on my joints and muscles! I almost feel like this is more of a “relaxation” workout, then I forget I’m actually working! 
– Cycling 1-2x/week :: Great for the legs for improved running
– Weight training- 2-3x/week :: Muscle burns fat. Stronger legs = better running. Plus I LOVE lifting. Some of my days will come from P90X, other’s from free weights at the gym.
– Running – 3-4x/ week :: Training for running, so I obviously must run!
– P90X – This will include some of my weight training days. I want to do the PLYO DVD one day a week as well as incorporate the other DVD’s.

Other Thought: Has anyone ever done Crossfit? Just curious. There is a studio close to my house that has Crossfit classes but it is SO expensive!! It’s like $160 a month or something for unlimited classes or $85 month for 3x/week of Crossfit “light.” I don’t NEED it at all – I have lots of other resources- but it does sound fun!

Those are some general guidelines of what I want to do. I’m not too focused on my “diet” (eating) at this point because I know if I stay on track with my workouts I will stay in tune with making healthy eating decisions. A = A. (If that makes any sense to you.)

I’m working on writing out a schedule for myself for the month of July. I will share it with you as soon as I finish!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Workout Training for July

  1. I have a couple friends who are really into Crossfit, but do it on their own/run little classes with friends from time to time. I went to one months ago that was a super “easy” one and died. Haha. I am thinking you could do it for a month to learn routines and concepts perhaps, then do it on your own??

  2. Yay!! I want to do the Skinny Raven 1/2 too. But, I have to figure out when in the world I'm going to actually train for it. You have quite the ambitious schedule ahead of you! Mine is… Run 3 times a week, bike once or twice. Here's hoping I can do that. 🙂

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