Confession: My Hubby is Into Cloth Diapers More than Me

A miracle happened today.

I had to document it:

Lucas played with PlayDoh. For about 15 minutes. Somebody hold the phone, this never happens in my house. I don’t care how big of a mess it makes, there can be PlayDoh glued to the ceiling for all I care, it is peaceful in my house for a moment in time. Don’t distract him or you will interrupt his play.

We had to do the cloth diapers today. I have to tell you something, though. My husband is way more into cloth diapers than I am right now. And, in all seriousness, if he wasn’t into it and the one who reminded me to wash the diapers, I would probably be using disposables.

Put a pooh bear on it. I don’t care.

{Except I do. Gag me.}

He has been doing most of the cloth diaper laundry this summer. I sort of feel like a bad mom for that. But, eh, oh well. I nurse the babe. So my husband is totally cute. He takes out the inserts before putting them in the wash. And my goodness, he is so particular about using enough detergent and doing a big load so there is enough water and all this political crap.

I just throw it all in there and then after the first rinse I take out the inserts. That way I don’t have to touch the dirty diapers. And he is so cute, bringing the whole bag downstairs, sitting on the toilet and taking out each diaper one by one and putting it in the washer. I just had to take pictures.

He does it much cuter than me, and better too. I guess I’ll have to let him do it then! 🙂

Really, I do love our cloth diapers mainly because it has saved us a ton of money. Especially with two kids in diapers now, it’s great to be able to use a diaper over n’ over again!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Confession: My Hubby is Into Cloth Diapers More than Me

  1. I am the cloth person in our house! We do things a bit different though. I remove the inserts as we change them. I take them off, put a new one on, and remove the insert before throwing them into the wetbag. It works well for me. On laundry day, I just put them all in along with the bag and wash them. Easy peasy! :o)

    Way to go Daddy though!

  2. I do it the same way Nichole does, but we also use a lot of prefolds. For pocket diapers, I don't have to remove Thirsties Duo Diaper inserts (they actually DO come out in the wash) and for Fuzzibunz and bG I just hold on to a corner before dumping in the pail and shake the insert out first. Interestingly enough, my husband actually likes prefolds better than pockets!

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