My Toddlers Energy

I mostly want to talk about my toddler today.


He is (almost) 2.5 years or 28 months if you want to get specific.

He has a ton of energy. From the minute he wakes up in the morning he is GO GO GO. We are out the door by 9:30 or 10:00 every morning, not because I necessarily want to be, but because if we don’t, things will not turn out good.

He doesn’t do good “just” being at home. I have some toys here for him but he doesn’t play with any of them.

If he is outside, he is happy and pretty well behaved. This summer we are outside almost all the time and it works. I’m more worried about this winter when it’s a little harder to get outside.

I don’t know if his amount of energy is normal or if it’s a typical “toddler boy” thing.

I am already trying to think of activities to do with him this winter. I’m going to try and find a class or something to put him in a couple days a week, like gymnastics or dance or a sport or something.

He takes 2-3 hour naps a day, which is nice. I think it’s because he is so busy in the morning that he sleeps so good! He also still sleeps 12-13 hours a night.

He misbehaves the most when we’re at home, because I think he gets bored. I want to buy him some new toys, but at the same time, I don’t know if it’s worth it because I don’t know if he will play with them.

He doesn’t like movies or TV shows. I have tried Bob the Builder, Leap Frog, Dora, Backyardagins and others and he doesn’t care about it at all. Not that I’m encouraging television watching, but a 30 minute show every now and then would be nice, right?

Anyways, I am just wondering from other moms who have toddler boys — is his energy normal? Or is my child crazy? Is it normal that he doesn’t play with any toys unless it’s outside and involves pushing or pulling it….. or throwing it?

Oh, also, is it normal that he eats all the freaking time? He acts like I never feed him. He is always hungry. He is always asking for food. He eats breakfast around 8 am (yogurt, eggs, fruit, bread… I’m talking a 4 course breakfast meal) and then ask for a snack at 9:30.

Any ideas or suggestions for things to buy for him or put him  (like classes)  in this winter? We will still try to get outside as often as possible, but when the days get really cold it definitely gets much harder! I need to prepare myself so I don’t go insane this winter!

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12 thoughts on “My Toddlers Energy

  1. Hi there! I had to chime in because my son is also almost 2 and half. First, you are not alone. My little one is go, go, go and he also just gets into things because he is bored. He does seem to like TV shows, but not for very long. I've also thought about new toys, but it seems like everytime I try that, it lasts for about a day and then he is on to something else. I recently tried the no-mess markers that only color on the “special” coloring book and a day later, he could care less about them. I feel your pain and I think it's normal, but frustrating for mommies! I try to entertain him here at home because my Jeep guzzles gas and we live outside of town. It's definitely a struggle for us right now, so I def. feel your pain 🙂

  2. I have a 13 month old and he has tons of energy and goes nonstop. He is crawling so I'm afraid for what life will be like when he starts walking!

  3. He's a March baby? I have two of those, if that's the case. One a boy and one a girl. The girl is also almost 2-1/2. They are both go go go. Until they collapse and fall solidly asleep. I think it's normal 😛 I am not coping so great so can't offer any great advice. Wish I could!

  4. I could have written this myself girl! Seriously! My son just turned 2 and he is so different from my daughters. Always wanting the NEXT thing, won't watch t.v, doesn't slow down, throws, hits, screams when he is bored, always hungry…great kid but just GO GO GO!! I'm exhausted. So different from my daughters. Wooo weee! You nailed it here. He is my third so it is hard for me to do a ton of classes with him but I did get him in a kinder gym class when his sisters are in dance class. He loves being able to just jump, throw balls, and play!

  5. Ahhh toddler boys. All of this is totally normal. I teach child development and parents consistently say these same things. He's not crazy (although he's driving you there!). Are there indoor play areas around you? They usually have different toys and a tumble area which is fun. I also suggest the “Running and Screaming Game” for this age group. Find a hill. Tell him to run up it as fast as he can. Then run down screaming and waving his arms like a mad man. He'll think it's funny and after three times he'll be runned out and tired 😉

  6. Sounds mostly like my girl, although she will watch tv sometimes, too. She's a little older than yours, and up to a couple of months ago, she was eating like that, and then all the sudden: huge dropoff. I always thought people were jerking me around saying sometimes they existed on air, but they're right. Just in case that happens, you'll be prepared.

    we tried library time, but she's so busy it's almost hard to get her to sit down, although the lady doing the stories says it's okay and normal NOT to sit down when you're 2, so… yeah. No biggie. You might try library time if it's available. Some of them do crafts and so on, and encourage kids to dance and sing, check around for ones THIS summer and also ones that start up in the fall!

  7. I have 2 boys and yes they have an endless supply of energy at this age. My boys are currently 2 and 3(4 in a few weeks)! They are both really into trains. We have a lot of Thomas trains and they have a train table they play with them on. Do you have any indoor inflatable places. We have one called Monkey Joes and they have different inflatable play areas. They have a 2 and under area. It always wears my boys out.

  8. I have a 34 month old soon and an almost 4 year old daughter. They are both very busy but my son is constantly on the move. Have you considered getting an indoor slide? We have one and it is awesome. It has a little platform for them to play on and they can climb underneath and make forts. My son also loves to drive his cars down the slide. It has been one of the best toy investments I have made. The above commenter (Life with Levi) mentioned indoor inflatable places. I know that you can buy smaller inflatable bouncies for either inside or outside. Those might be a good option for your busy guy!

  9. My sis has two little boys, and one thing they have at grandma's house (where mom is there full time and the kids are there half time, other half at daddy's) is a SMALL climber slide. It takes up about 2 or 3 square feet, so it can be hard to find a spot for sometimes, but during the winter it is indoors. We get long winters down here too (Colorado) so it really helps. I've seen the same kind on Craigslist here for about $25 to $40.

    I think her boys are less active and outside obsessed than Lucas though. Her kids like TV and Webkinz. The only show Pixie will really watch (just turned 2 last month) is the Wiggles, because she loves music SO HARD. She will dance and wiggle with them, too. She'll also watch Glee with us since there is so much music and dancing.

  10. My almost-4 and almost-3 year olds are fairly active, but they also do play with toys. We live in Arizona, so in the summer it is really hard to do outdoor activities, especially when it is 118 degrees. Swimming is a must!

    But when it is just too hot, they'll play with cars or army guys or dinosaurs and there is a lot of destruction and a lot to clean up afterwards, but at least they're playing. I also encourage lots of hide & seek, because then Mama gets 1-2 minutes to sit down while she “hides”. 🙂

    I was going to mention about Lucas' eating habits- he could just be going through a growth spurt. Both my kids have started hitting ANOTHER one. They'll eat a good breakfast- fruit, eggs, toast, etc and about 2 hours later want to have a snack. As long as you're not giving him junk (which I know you're not!), I don't think that it is a bad idea to let him eat. In our house we have a rule where if you want a snack in between meals it must be either a piece of fruit or a vegetable. That way I don't have to worry about them filling up on crackers or things like that and then not eating a healthy lunch or dinner. But my kids eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day and are in a very healthy weight range. Then, after a few weeks of them eating like teenagers, they go back to eating smaller portions, and I notice that their pants are now too short and they need bigger shoes. 🙂

  11. Go go go sounds normal to me! My (almost) 2-year-old has been like that since he became mobile. But he will still sit down and play with toys (okay, he plays with them while standing or hopping in place… there's very little sitting here!). His current favorites are puzzles and legos. I'd say 75% of his home playtime is devoted to those toys. He also eats ALL the time. I sometimes thinks he eats more than I do, and I'm nursing a 5-month-old so I'm eating a lot still!

    If there are any children's music classes in your area, definitely look into them for the fall/winter. I'm a music teacher, and I recommend Kindermusik or Musikgarten programs – both have options on their websites to find teachers in your area. Totally appropriate classes for VERY active toddlers, my kids both love them!

    Also, if you have a Barnes & Noble in your area that's one of our favorite indoor activities. They normally have storytime at least once a week (which my youngest enjoys, and the toddler tends to walk around reading other books to himself) with coloring or a craft, plus I've never been to one without a train table.

  12. That sounds about right! 🙂 I didn't think my son would start eating me out of house and home until he was a teenager, but apparently it starts at birth! Ha!

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