Costco Samples (which obviously means another shopping trip)

Samples today were hot bomb diggity. The best I’ve ever experienced at Costco. Apparently around 4pm is the time to go. I guess at the end of the day they have a certain number of boxes they have to sample, and if they don’t reach their quota they have to throw food away. So towards the end of the day, the sample sizes get huge!!

We weren’t complaining.

Soup, bread with jam, ice cream, pasta, chips, cheese with apple slices and potato salad were all part of our afternoon Costco snack. Yum Yum!

I took a bunch of random pictures with my phone so I can compare prices.

We’ve been shopping a lot more at Costco than Fred Meyer and it’s definitely saving us money. You know, because you save lots of money when you go to Costco and walk out spending $144.53. It does seem like a lot at first but it makes a difference when you spend a lot at once, instead of going to Fred Meyer and spending $30 or $40 here and there.

$14 for Good Morning veggie burgers. mmmmm! These were actually on sale. They took $3 off at the register. Score.

$10 for 3 half gallons of organic milk.

$6 for a bag of peas.

Cheese is EXPENSIVE! It’s a huge block though– I guess.

$9 for a big bag of organic carrots

$10 for 5 big avocados. Holy guacamole (haha) that’s expensive, isn’t it?!

We bought a bunch of random things — oranges, peas, pizza stuff, raisins, avocados, bananas, pasta, veggie burgers, dried fruit and whatever else is under that pile.

Do you think it’s un- ethical to go to Costco once a week for a free-sample-lunch?

Not that I have thought about that or anything.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Costco Samples (which obviously means another shopping trip)

  1. Well, like you said, they would throw it away anyways! So, Nope! Not one bit! Eat away! At least you get out of the house for a while! :o) Score one for mommy! Kids are happy and mommy is happy…I see nothing wrong with it being free! (I am sure you always buy something anyways!)

  2. If you were going for samples with the intention of not buying anything, it made be different. Or sad. Pretty sure you're in the clear!

    And the price for cheese is actually pretty good – the sign says that's a 5 lb block and you're paying $2.86/lb. Lately I'm stuck paying $3 or more per lb for cheese. I've seen regular cheese (not fancy stuff) at over $4/lb! (NOTE: we're in Colorado, so I'm sure there's some differences in price). $2/ea for avocados is average, but more than I'm willing to pay. I buy them on sale for 88c/each up to $1.25/ea. Of course, if $2/ea was the lowest I was able to find them, I might change my tune. They are so good for you and the kids, of course!

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