Fresh Flowers & Target Toy Clearence

I really enjoyed reading all your thoughts on what we should and shouldn’t say to other parents about how they raise their kids. I agree with most of you, and bottom line, I think the most important thing to remember is that how WE parent might not be how someone else chooses to parent. And, that’s okay. There is not a one-way-be-all way to parenting. Obviously. You all know this. I will argue with you that there is a one-way-be-all to safety though. Not going to step up on my soap box right now. Heh. 🙂

My mother-in-law got me flowers! I love fresh flowers. I always joke that if I were ever to have extra money (you know, like too much in the bank and I didn’t know what to do with it– right.) then I would buy fresh flowers every week. I just think they make a home so warm and welcoming! Not to mention beautiful!

Go Beavs.

This afternoon, after the kiddos napped, we went to Tar-jay. Have you seen the $1 section? It is rockin’ with back to school stuff and crafts! I picked up a couple random objects, plus these cute little flashcard type things. I’m not really sure what to do with them — ideas? There was 20 in the package, each is double sided with an animal. Pretty cute!

I wish I were more creative. There are so many things in the dollar section that look awesome, but I don’t know what to do with them!

I looked at the toy clearance section as well. Everything right now is at 30% off the original prices. I think I’ll wait till they hit 50% off + before I consider buying something to save for Christmas. Does your Target have a good toy clearance section? This seems to be the time of year it starts. Ours is okay- just an aisle or so of stuff.


Leftover spaghetti, peas, black beans and sweet potato fries.

Please be proud of me that I bought Lucas plastic child friendly plates.

Thank you Target for being my BFF.

Man this kid is a messy eater.

My kids and I generally eat the same thing for dinner. So, just imagine I ate whatever they ate. If anything it was probably not as healthy and I didn’t eat my peas or something.

I tell my children I love vegetables, but the truth is, I really am not a fan.

  • Do you love fresh flowers? How often do you have some in your house?
  • Does your Target have a good toy clearance section this time of year? Are you good about buying things now when they’re on sale and saving them for Christmas or birthdays?
  • Any genius ideas for those animal cards??

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Fresh Flowers & Target Toy Clearence

  1. our target has a pretty good clearance about twice a year I guess it gets really good. LOVE the $1 bins though. those are my fave. I am HORRIBLE about waiting to give things I buy so um.. yeah that doesn't work for me haha

    I love flowers but I never seem to have a place to display them that works.

    anddddd I hate my peas too lol 🙂 though I feed them to my kids often 🙂

    oh, and HI 🙂 hope you are doing well!!!

  2. Generally, the toys at target are the same toys as at walmart, but for a pretty god markup, at least around here. Since I don't care which store I shop at (I look for the best price), I'm likely to check prices at both places, however, I rarely shop for toys except for an occasion, and I'm likely to shop online first, check prices in stores, and then see what gets me the better deal.

    i do love the dollar section. i would say with these or any other 'cheap' items, don't expect them to last very long or be rough handled, in my experience it's probably something left to 'across the table' or real one on one time instead of 'here you go look at these for five minutes' if that makes any sense to you at all. at least with toddlers, anyway. For those type of cards, I would suggest things like describing the animal, it's name, it's color, where it lives (ie is it a pet or a wild animal, forget the country), what sound does it make, do it's babies come from eggs, what unique features does it have (that you can see or know about), etc. I especially love the dollar books there, I just got 4 more of them the other day, I plan on filling up book baskets around the house with them, because #1 they are so cheap and #2 you don't have to worry over much about them being destroyed, a buck is a buck and its not a signed classic of winnie the pooh, or something like that which would be terrible if it was beat up a little bit. I'd love to have some time to just go and SHOP in that section, my daughter wants to put her hands on everything and I don't get a chance to really check it all out. I saw someone with 15 different pre k options at least from that area, and you know what? I didn't see a single one of them when I was looking, darnit, so I guess you really have to dig!

  3. We Love the dollar section! I must have bought all their puzzles available, 10 stacks of flash cards *eventually they will learn all these different types of math so I might as well stock up for a buck! Got the one going into Kinder a sandwich box so it doesn't get smooshed (I wasn't impressed with their cafeteria food during summer school so we will be making our own) I say go crazy! Even if it doesn't last that long, you didn't waste that much money 🙂

  4. You could use the cards to search the house of things that are the same color or have the same beginning sounds as the picture.

    I haven't really explored the summer toy discounts. I need too.

  5. For the flash cards: Use a hole punch and punch a couple holes in the left side of each card, one at the top and one at the bottom, and then use those hole reinforcer stickers and circular metal key rings to make them into a little book that they only get to have in the car or stroller.

  6. I love fresh flowers and usually try to have a new bouquet in the house weekly. I love that they can brighten a room during wintertime! During tulip season I always have tulips in the house cause they are one of my favorite flowers!

    I do buy toys when they are on sale, but dont always save them till birthdays or holidays. Sometimes its fun to surpise my little guy with a just because toy…

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