How I Told My Husband I Was Pregnant

 No, I am not announcing a 3rd pregnancy to you and telling how I told my husband about #3. Gosh guys, what are you thinking?! We are not ready for that! 🙂

Over on Kelly’s Korner, people are sharing how they told their husband the news of a pregnancy. I thought it would be fun to reminisce the old times and share what I remember!

I hope I don’t cry.

Lucas: 1st Pregnancy: 

I took a pregnancy test on Saturday morning, about an hour before I had to go to work. (note to self: never take a pregnancy test before you have to go into work. stupid idea.) I think I had missed a period that week, so I had bought a test earlier in the week “just in case.”

The test was positive.

I remember having so many emotions. I remember sitting on the toilet crying (lid closed. ha.) and thanking God.

I remember FREAKING OUT.

My husband was at work and I had to leave for work soon, so I opened my computer and immediately started journaling all my thoughts and emotions.  I didn’t want to forget what I was feeling.

I had to go to work and thankfully, I was sent home early. I waited and waited and waited -which seemed liked forever- till my husband got home.

I’m sorry I don’t have a super creative or cute story to tell you. All I did was hand him the test with a huge smile on my face. He was a mixed of emotions as well. As soon as I told him we called all of our family right away and told them the news!

Best news of my life!!

Joshua: Pregnancy #2: 

I don’t even remember why I took a test in the first place. I was breastfeeding Lucas (he was around 10 months old when we found out.) and hadn’t even had a period yet… but for whatever reason, I took a test.

Positive. Holy Crap.

I put this on the fridge, with Lucas’s magnetic letters, for my husband to see when he got home.

To say he was in total shock would be an understatement.

We waited to tell our parents in person because they were coming up to visit – it was a REALLY hard not to tell anyone!- and then as soon as we told them we called everyone else and told them the news!

We sent out a first birthday announcement to our friends, which also announced our pregnancy. Most people knew by then, but it was still fun to make and send a card.

2nd best news of my life!!!

I know those aren’t very creative ways, but that’s what I did! 🙂

Maybe if/when we have a 3rd pregnancy I will do something really awesome.

How did you break the news to your husband?? 

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5 thoughts on “How I Told My Husband I Was Pregnant

  1. With our first baby, I went to the dr. and found out there. I told my hubby by showing, him the card that said when baby was due. He didn't believe me until I burst into tears. With my second, I was nursing our 1st who was only 5 months old. I took a test in the middle of the nite as a friend had told me that I was preggo cuz I was acting different. I thought no way was this possible as I was breastfeeding and we had been using condoms. Well, God had totally different plans for our family. The test was positive. I was in complete shock. I went and woke my hubs up and said, “I'm pregnant!” He looked at me and said, “Well, how did that happen?” I said, “What do you mean, how did that happen? How do you think it did!!” My hubs then said, “I'm shocked! Completely shocked!” I stayed up all night wondering how things would work out with having a 12 month old and a newborn…while my husband lay sleeping right beside me!! He took the surprising news a lot better than I did!

  2. first of all, totally thought you were springing the news of #3! I like your first b'day cards, those are super cute!

    With #1 I took a test with first morning pee at 4:30am and woke up my husband. We then sat up totally shocked and geeked until we had to go to work. With #2 I took the test after Ingrid went down for her nap, it was positive and I called my husband at work. He thought I was going to tell him bad news b/c I said “I didn't want to do this over the phone…” Neither was creative, so yay to you for getting creative with Joshua's!

  3. Mine was super boring….we had been trying for a baby and wasn't supposed to test for another 2 days. Something told me to take a test Friday night, an hour before going to DF's police academy graduation reception. I saw a super faint line and gave it to DF, shaking, and said “how many lines do you see?” him: “2.Why?” me: “um…we're pregnant!!!”

    We were a bit shocked lol. But thrilled.

    We're now trying for #2 so hopefully I can get some good ideas! Love the ABC Magnets!

  4. First one I thought maybe I was and we were done at my parents house. The lines were so faint and my husband was like No you're not..those are too light. You need to get the ones that say “Pregnant or Not Pregnant”. He and my brother went shopping and bought one..I was mortified. We went out that night to celebrate my broahter turning 21 and I ordered a drink. It tasted awful so I didn't drink it. Hubby thought it tasted great. A few days later we were back home and I took it the test. I called him and the first words out of my mouth were “you have really great swimmers”..a long story but it's an old joke.

    The second time we'd had our garage sale (of course I sold all my baby clothes up to 3 yrs) and he and I went out on a date night to celebrate it being over with. I ordered a drink (and I so rarely drink) It was aweful! DH finished it stating it was really good. I was late but that wasn't unusual so I didn't think anything of it. A few days later i realized that I was REALLY late and took a test. I took the test in the afternoon and he came home a bit later. I asked him just how much he trusted God…..and handed him the test. We had made some major career moves and adding a baby was a huge shock. A very happy one though~

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