Weekend in Review

Oh my gosh friends, I feel like I have so much to blog about!  Nothing super exciting, but just fun little things we did over the last couple days. The weather yesterday was amazing; it was 70’s and clear skis. Actually rather warm! Today, it has been pouring down rain. POURING rain. The weather here is so crazy and unpredictable sometimes. I just wanted to share that.

Any who. Here is a recap of most everything we did this weekend.

Lucas got his hair cut.

He did awesome and he looks adorable. You know I took at least 14 pictures with my iphone, so a post dedicated to his hair is coming soon. 🙂

A trip to Costco…

I know this might seem silly, but I returned this package of toothbrushes. (One is missing because my husband was gone camping and had one with him.) These toothbrushes are awful! I got “soft” but I thought they were SO hard. They hurt my teeth! I didn’t want to keep an entire package of toothbrushes when I hated them.

I’m really glad Costco has such a great return policy! We also returned our inflatable bed this week, after having it for 1.5 years, because the sides were acting funny – bulging out weird so we couldn’t fit a sheet over it anymore. They gave us cash back and in return, we were able to buy a new bed! Pretty cool.

We went for a nice walk. On the day it was 70 degrees, obviously!

It took us 2+ hours to walk two miles. Lucas walked most of the way by himself and then I put him on my back for part of it. Usually we start out with Joshua in the stroller and then when Lucas gets tired I put him in the stroller and Joshua in the Ergo. However, Joshua was just so happy and content, I didn’t want to move him!

It was fun!

Good thing I just happen to be the 2nd cousin to Hercules.

We found this little parked tucked away in our neighborhood.  It was pretty ghetto, for lack of a better word.  There was graffiti all over it (thank goodness Lucas can’t read) and he couldn’t even get up to the structure by himself. There wasn’t really stairs or anything to climb on! Lame.

Let’s see, what else…

Oh, I lifted weights for 30 minutes this morning before work. Booyah. I’d say that combined with the 2 mile walk I did is in perfect lining with the half marathon I have in a month. Talk about a great training plan.

I also wore my hair down for 10 hours today. That is the longest I’ve worn my hair down in literally years, so it’s something worth mentioning.   Next I’ll be wearing eye liner!

‘Twas a great weekend! I need to try for some sleep tonight — we shall see.

  • Favorite toothbrush?
  • Your workout this weekend?
  • Do you return stuff if you don’t like it or just live with it? I will and have returned everything. No shame here! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. I laughed at your comment about hair and eyeliner… isn't it so true that moms don't let their hair down? This weekend we skyped my parents and my dad said “where are you going?” And I realized he hasn't seen me with my hair down in probably 2 years. LOL.

  2. Hey! We did a similar walk and played at that same park with the girls on Saturday too 🙂 It's totally lame for little kids though. What parks do you take your boys too? There's one up off of Birch (I think) that I like because it's really toddler friendly but I like variety 🙂

  3. Well lately we have been going to parks that are at the schools.. I really like the playground at abbott loop elementary and trailside elementary. But in a month we won't be able to use those anymore! 😦

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