School Supplies

I finally put up a page with a list of all the blogs I read. I’m probably forgetting some, but this is a good list!  I’m warning you know that I read a lot of really awesome blogs. Don’t be mad if you get stuck reading a new blog and fall in love and spend your spare time reading instead of cleaning or doing something “productive.”  What does being productive mean really? Reading about people’s lives, getting ideas, making friends, feeling inspired… that is productive, no? 🙂

Well, the original plan to stay home all day and not get in the car didn’t happen. Too hard. Instead, we made a trip to Target for school supplies!! I know my kids aren’t in school yet, but I just get so excited with all the fun stuff. Plus, how can you turn down 20 cent notebooks?? There is always a need for notebooks!

Yay for crafts!

The glue was 40 cents I think. Don’t worry, I will supervise all these activities. I am stocking up for a rainy day! I also got some notecards for myself so I can make flashcards as I study. I think that will help with memorizing some things, plus I can take them to work or the gym and use them there instead of carrying around a big notebook.

I also got Lucas a new water bottle with a cool straw. He loves it. It’s amazing what a new bottle/cup can do for a kid. He loves drinking out of it so much! I think buying a new water bottle is a great way to get your child to drink more water. (Or juice or pop or milk or whatever you feed them)

Dinner tonight was Macaroni and Cheese. We have bought the big box of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese in the past from Costco, but I noticed we were eating it a lot just because it was in our pantry. Since we’ve been out, we don’t eat it at all! Imagine that. But tonight was clearly a not cooking night, so I picked up a box at the store. So yummy! Do they sell this stuff at Costco? I must check next time.

  • What time of day – and what time zone- do you read blogs?  I’m curious! I tend to do most of my blog reading and writing at nap time and late at night before I go to bed, but I’m in AK which is much earlier in the time zone than a lot of you. I think?
  • Oh – if you are not a “fan” of my blog on Facebook,will you consider becoming one?  We have lots of good discussions and I share some fun things on there. I also generally put up new posts links as well.  Love Facebook for quick chats!! My blog page is here. Thanks! 
  • Do you go crazy and buy school supplies every year? 
  • What store has the best deals?

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “School Supplies

  1. I generally do most of my blog reading first thing in the morning, hoping to get done before my daughter gets up. Because I hate shushing her in order to get some 'me' time. This is the way I feel connected to the world, and it's important. Other people have jobs, big circles of friends to playdate with, and etc, and I just don't have that. The internet is my playdate.

    I typically buy at least one new box of crayons per year, they are generally around 25 cents. This year they were 40. Jerks. Lol. I bought my daughter some washable crayons and washable markers to play with in the upcoming year. Later, we went and found some 'goes either way' scissors, because her dad is left handed, which makes it around 90% that she will at least try to be left handed, if not completely end up left handed. The regular ones (like you bought) don't go either way. It will be interesting to see how she does. I did NOT buy glue. I don't know why. But I did find a bunch of workbooks from target, I got a free time during swim lessons the other day (woohoo!) and pawed through and got ALL the preschool workbooks plus 2 more reading books. They are varying skill levels, but something we can scan and keep or just photocopy, as well. Things like 'draw a circle around the leaves and a square around the birds' or whatever. She can do that a month apart and not remember.. so.. yeah. That should keep us in 'fun' for the next several years. Or at least keep her occupied.

  2. I do my reading at night when kids are in bed. Eb rarely naps in the day anymore and we are flat out most of the day.
    I'm sure u guys will have fun with that stuff doing crafts : )

  3. I'm a morning blog reader 🙂 While the hubs is still sleeping I get to hog the computer!

    I love looking at all the school supplies. When my children get in to Kindergarten the poor things are going to be loaded down with way too much stuff cause I'm gonna want it all 😉

  4. I do most of my blog reading when I have a free moment…right now is supposed to be nap time but my 2 year old is boycotting naps for the last week. boooo! So I'm taking my time anyway darn it!! Love Annies. And art supplies!

  5. I love that Annies Mac N Cheese too. I will get a few when its on sale and try to spread out our use of it. It's great for an easy meal and easily M's favorite food.

    Also – I'm like you. Can't stand being cooped up in the house all day. I will find reasons to get out with the kids. LOL

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