New Books

I picked up some new books for the boys today.

We certainly don’t need any books – we have tons- but I’m getting tired of reading the same ones! Plus, I can never turn good books down and I don’t have a hard time spending money on books. I want a whole library full of them!

I got all of these for $10 at a used bookstore. They are all in great shape as is, and I’m happy to save 75% or more off the original cover price! I only had a limited of time to browse through the bins and bins of books, so I just grabbed some that looked fun.

Tonight we read the truck book. It’s already Lucas’s favorite, as if I would have not known that.

We talked about the beverage truck and he said “daddy drinks beer and coffee outside.” Ha! It’s so funny the things kids pick up on. After I read it through once, reading all the words, we spent about 20 minutes just talking about all the different kinds of trucks and all the things they do. It’s so cool watching Lucas learn new things and talk about stuff. He is getting smarter and bigger every day!

For myself, I bought this book:

It is AWESOME. It’s my new favorite book. Every exercise comes with a picture and shows which muscle it directly works. It also shows all the muscles surrounding that area, along with text of what the exercise is, variations, ways to do it, etc. It is such a great resource!!

Oh– my husband took this picture today of Joshua after he climbed up the stairs and sent it to me at work. My first reaction was that he looked just like Lucas. After looking at it some more, I think he might look like me a little as a baby, too? Not sure.

{He is drinking a bottle of breast milk which came from my boobs which was given to him in a bottle because I was at work all day. In case you were going to send me an email asking about that, now you don’t have to because I just told you the story. You’re welcome. Over n’ out.} 

So, I am always looking for new suggestions of awesome children’s books!

What is your child’s favorite book right now?

Do you buy your books online or at a used bookstore? Or new at your local bookstore?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “New Books

  1. It looks like you got some really good books that would also be perfect for a boy just starting to read. So when you get tired of them I suggest hiding them away someplace for a few years rather than getting rid of them 🙂

    Also, every Border's Bookstore in the country is going out of business. Do you have those in Alaska? They have EVERYTHING in the entire store marked down.

  2. Yes I NEVER get rid of books!! 🙂 Yes we have a Borders, it was actually one of the first ones to close. It was a few months ago.. I didn't go for any of the sales though. i heard they weren't that great, plus I figure I can get one I want at the used store for $1! I'm sad they are all going out of business though. Such a bummer, I loved that store!

  3. I love the Critter series and Charlie and Lola. Well, Ingrid loves them, I just happen to not want to kill myself when she pulls them out for the eightieth time…We pretty much always buy used, I hate spending so much on books even though I know we'll keep them and use them every day. That's strange, now that I think about it. But I love buying most things used.

  4. Our library branch has a book sale every May. The kids books are $0.25 to $1.00-very cheap!! I usually spend about $25-$30 and we have an awesome supply of books for the year. I will buy a few new books if they are on sale for birthdays and Christmas. Right now, my kiddos love search and find books as well as anything about princesses or cars & trucks.

  5. Do you have your boys signed up for the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library? They have it here in Anchorage and the kids get a free book in the mail EVERY month until they turn 5! We're big book readers over here too and Lucas just loves when he gets a new one in the mailbox! The Loussac also has a big sale in the fall. I got nearly 35 book for $10 last year! I'll keep an eye out for it again 🙂

  6. Your disclaimers make me LOL. Don't you just love the nosey people who HAVE to know why you are or aren't doing something?

    Now to be a bit nosey myself 😛 What used bookstore is this? I didn't know we had one up here! My girls LOVE books and I'm always looking to add to our library as well. Oh and are your boys in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program? You should sign them up if they aren't! They'll each get a free book a month until they're five 🙂

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