Monkey Bars

We went on a bike ride today.

Major FAIL.

I have officially learned my lesson, I promise.
ALWAYS bring lots of snacks for the toddler. You can never have enough.
Don’t go immediately following nap when sitting still is that last thing your toddler may want to do.
Don’t go when your baby is really tired. If he’s too tired, he won’t sleep. Instead he’ll scream. A lot.
Don’t forget shoes for your toddler, otherwise when you get to the park he’s going to be barefoot.

Joshua didn’t like his helmet.
Lucas was being mean to his brother.
I felt like a referee the entire time, and it gave me a small glimpse into the future. Brothers who play and fight together so well. I’m already over using the phrases, “be nice!”  and “share with your brother!”

Seriously, not a fun ride. We did stop at a little park for a bit. That was the highlight of the ride, for sure.

Actually, THIS was the highlight:

Don’t laugh, but I was so happy I could still do this! Please excuse my freakish face– I was being silly. I haven’t done this since, like, college. I hope Lucas doesn’t get any crazy ideas. I’m now  thinking about what my next personal monkey bar challenge can be….


 I did 25 minutes of weights, followed by 20 minutes of the step mill. Have you ever done this thing? Holy goodness, it’s harder than it looks and it’s much harder than a stair master. I’ve actually never done this before! I see people use it all the time, and they’re always sweating, so I though’t what is this thing all about? It doesn’t look THAT hard! Well, it is hard and if you up the intensity and make the stairs faster, it’s definitely a great workout. I was sweating hard core by the end of those 20 minutes!

I might head out for a run/walk here in a little bit. The weather is pretty perfect right now, Lucas is sleeping and Joshua is getting a little cranky, so I’m thinking he might take a snooze in the stroller. (My husband is home. I’m not leaving Lucas home alone, don’t worry.) Or, like the bike trailer, he’ll be so cranky that he won’t sleep and I’ll have to high tail my booty back home. Hmm, not sure it’s worth it. I may just play it safe and put him down for a nap instead!

Have a great evening, friends!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Monkey Bars

  1. haha I knew I should have put an explanation with the sweater…

    I had my tshirt on but then put on my sweatshirt while I was nursing Joshua at the park…. then forgot to take it off right away 🙂

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