Last Week of Summer Vacation

School starts early here! The kids actually don’t start their first day of school until August 16th, but because my husband is a teacher, his first day is August 10th. One week from today! I can’t believe the summer is over already. It’s been a great one, though.

My dad came for a week. My brother in-law and sister in-law came for a week (ish.) My parent in-laws came for a week. And next week, my mom comes and she will also be staying for a week! Yahoo! Love having family here. 
Daddy and Lucas have had lots of one-on-one time this summer. I think Lucas is really going to miss that and he’ll probably be a little confused too as to why he isn’t seeing daddy as much. That makes me sad. I hope to go on another date with him, before next week, too. 
Final Thoughts of The Bachelorette: 

I liked ben better and I thought what they had looked very real to me. Apparently I was wrong. Ha! JP is nice too, but I wasn’t infatuated with him like a lot of people seemed to be. I felt so bad for Ben, it was just awful watching him. I hope he finds true love and happiness! Of course I hope Ashely and JP love forever as well…. we’ll see.
My biggest pet peeve during the whole show was the mis-matched swimsuits. Seriously, it drove me crazy. 
I fast forwarded through a lot of the finale — I’m glad this season is over. I’m done with it and I need a little break from all this before I’m ready for the next season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad

(Give me about 6 days.) 

My Knee: 

I did something to my knee and it hurts.  I think I pulled something on our bike ride the other day when I was pulling them up a hill. That’s a hard workout and my knees weren’t ready for it! It is swollen and I can’t fully extend it. Yeah, not cool at all. 

On Flying Solo: 

A follow up on last week, when I asked you all about the idea of traveling to see family. Most of you thought I should go alone and leave the kids with my husband. It’s only for 3 days or so, and they would be fine without me. Well, I still haven’t decided what I want to do. I know my kids would do absolutely totally fine without me for a couple days. It’s not a big deal, and my husband would do great. It is a long ways (about 4 hour plane ride) to travel for just a couple days, so I’m not sure I want to do that. I’m also sort of scared of planes. It’s because I hear about planes crashing and people dying (mostly small planes, but still) all the time and I just worry. So, I don’t know. I’m not sure if I’m going to go or not. 

  • If you watch The Bachelorette, what are your final thoughts?
  • When does school start in your town?
  • What are you having for dinner tonight? I don’t know what to make!! 

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3 thoughts on “Last Week of Summer Vacation

  1. *I agree with Ben… I NEVER saw it coming. I thought for sure it would be him instead of J.P.
    I do like J.P., it just seemed like she had a more fiery relationship with Ben. It could very well have been the editing though. I think they like to throw us off, LOL.
    Also, I hate to say this but it GAGGED me every time they kissed on the final show. I mean I think it was a little TOO MUCH! I get the whole “in love” bit, but jeez, do you have to display it like that, on tv? (just my opinion though, but yuck).
    Kinda glad it is over. This season turned me off somewhat. To me, Ashley seemed too emotionally needy, and fell for the most emotionally “unavailable” man there right off the bat (Bentley).

    **School started here already (Monday).

    ***We had smoked sausage with green beans (can) and sliced potatoes (can), all cooked together in a big skillet (if I had had an onion I would have thrown that in as well)
    & Cornbread with butter

  2. I don't watch!

    School starts the Tuesday after Labor Day.

    Well, its midnight, so its probably too late to be of any help, but we had chicken tacos with french fries.

  3. I LOVED JP from the beginning. BUT I did see a bigger connection with Ben and Ashley. I too am a huge bachelor/ette/ fan but always say I'm not watching the next season because something always peeves me in the season. This time it was the constant talk of Bentley. I thought it was a bit over dramatic.

    School starts here in Ohio on the 16th.

    I am doing steaks and baked potatoes and some squash and zuccinni. I've got to find a recipe on how to cook those……I'm not a very good cook but have to feed the boys so I normally look for ALOT of recipes online…..

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