Nature Art

On our walk this morning, Lucas collected some things.  I guess a “nature walk” if you will. We walked and gathered as we came across pretty flowers and leaves. I talked about where leaves come from, gave a mini lesson on trees, talked about the different colors of the leaves and compared sizes. A couple of the flowers were my ideas, but everything else were things he found and decided to keep.

Oh- and a couple pieces of garbage.  He wanted to bring them home and put it in our garbage can. 🙂

Here I was cringing at how gross the garbage was and my sweet toddler is being the responsible and caring citizen and picking up other people’s garbage. Children teach us so much, don’t they? I was proud of him for doing that though and having that thought all on his own. I usually pass by garbage and he’s like, mom! pick it up and put it where it belongs!

He picked up a lot of leaves!

Then the fun part :

A blank piece of paper. (Card stock so it’s a little thicker.)

I helped him a little with the glue and gave a few suggestions of where he could put things, but for the most part, he did this on his own.

This is one of the very few art projects we have done together. (He has no interest in coloring or doing things that require sitting still… well he did marker on the hardwood floors one time but, besides that.)  This one was perfect because most of it involved being outside (which he loves) and the art took less than 5 minutes. Even so, he still got to make a creation and use glue. Perfect combination!

His favorite piece was the pile of dirt. Unfortunately it didn’t all stick, but it did leave little dirt crumbs which was fun. I was actually surprised at how well that glue worked with the leaves!

I thought it turned out really good!

I am so proud of my boy and his nature piece.

Now the question is, what do I do with this thing? I was thinking about putting it in a glass box type thing and putting it on the wall, ’cause I do think it’s a neat piece of art, but wasn’t sure if that’d be lame.

 Any ideas?!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “Nature Art

  1. If he likes nature projects, you should also try putting the leaves between two pieces of wax paper and then ironing them together. There needs to be a little space left between each leaf so the wax can bond together. Also another project that you would need to help with, but it looks really cool!

  2. Crayon rubbings are fun to do with leaves as well. You should definitely frame it! It is beautiful. Once the leaves start to fall here in Southern Manitoba, I will be doing something similar w/ my kiddos.

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