Our Gigantic House

Fall in Alaska is a relatively short season. Even so, it’s weather slowly prepares us for winter. It’s starting to get a little chilly outside — okay, a lot. Temperatures drop fast. There are already signs of frost and on the very tip of some mountains you can see the first snow. It’s been a little colder, but the sun has been out and the sky has been relatively clear. So pretty!

Over the weekend, we visited a favorite park of ours.

This cute little team was practicing football.

Good boy, Lucas. Start taking notes now. Football  > Hockey.

I love this picture of the mountains. I love the huge difference in them between now and December. They are going to look so pretty covered in snow!!

 I thought you all might want to see a picture of our house.

If you think that being a teacher and living in Alaska means that you live in a small house, well ppfffst, you are mistaken. We live in luxury, baby. See that cute little window in the top right of the house? That is my kids playroom and my personal exercise studio. It’s very nice. Each of my children have their own room, plus we have the two guest rooms too, of course, so when our family visits they can sleep in nice beds. Unlike some beds I’ve seen that come from Costco and are made of inflatable crap.

Yeah, it’s pretty small.

Please feel sorry for us.

Okay, this is obviously not our house. And, in all honesty, I have no desire to have a house this big. Seriously, none at all. It is just way too big for me. When I think of what the inside of this house might look like, I immediately start thinking about everything you would have to clean, plus all the furniture and decorating you would have to do. Plus, I would imagine my kids would get lost in it?! I mean, I nearly have a panic attack when Lucas disappears from my eye sight for 14 seconds while we’re outside, and he’s already learned how to lock himself in his bedroom, I can only imagine the hide and seek games that would go on in here. 
Do you want (or have) a huge house?? What is your ideal house size?? 
I think my dream house would be around 2,000 square feet. Maybe 2,500ish?? I don’t know, I don’t even know what that size of a house looks like anymore! I wonder how many square feet that house in the pictures is?!  I would rather have more land and nice fenced in yard than a big house. I like smaller and simple.  We currently live in a house about 1,300 square feet and I don’t think it’s too small! I would love a basement for the boys as a playroom as they grow older, and a bigger family room, but not THAT much bigger! 
{I should add, that growing up from middle school through high school, I lived in a pretty big house. It was three stories and had a nice fenced in yard with a big basement, complete with a hot tub and massive television, so my friends could sneak in through the back gate and we could watch movies and play ping pong and drink Slim Fast out of the mini freezer. (Just kidding, mom) I had my own bedroom, as did my brother, with my bathroom in my freaking bedroom. I had a built in desk, a walk in closet, and built in shelves for all my Madame Alexander dolls. We had a deck off our family room, we had a warming oven and oh – a laundry basket fancy thing that meant I had to take 2 steps out of my bedroom to throw my clothes down the tube so my mom could wash them for me. There was also a built in phone nook where you could sit on this cute little bench and put your feet up and talk on the phone. My point in all this, is that even though I grew up in a nice house, (which, of course, I didn’t realize how nice it was and how lucky we were until I moved out of it) I don’t have a desire to have a house that big for myself as an adult now. Yeah, that was my point. The end.}

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “Our Gigantic House

  1. My ideal house is roughly 3000-4000sqft with a 3car garage and a studio for my business on at least 1/2 acre. I dream of having a master bathroom where I can pee without worry of sitting on little boy dribble and having enough space for it to be the teen hangout.

    My whole life I was bounced around to different apartments, studios and even hotels so I'd love to have the type of home you grew up to for my children.

  2. ha ha. I totally thought that was your house at first and I was thinking “gee, lady, really, you're bragging up your big house?” ha ha. I like my small house. All about small houses and living under our means. We live in a 3 bedroom 1300 sq ft home. I think I could go a bit bigger like the 2000 range. Keep it simple I say!

  3. I completely agree–bigger houses are not all they're cracked up to be. I grew up in a 2000 sq ft home (including the garage and unfinished basement) and that is still bigger than my ideal home. My husband and I have only lived in one bedroom apartments, but I think a small three bedroom house (1500 ish?) would be perfect for us once our family starts expanding. All I ask for is a gas stove to cook on and plenty of room for a bountiful veggie garden in the back (and/or front) yard. Oh, and a screened in porch would be nice, too (a girl can dream, right?)!

    Also, I am green with envy of your beautiful fall. It his over 100 (again) today here in central Texas. Cooler weather cannot come soon enough!

  4. I think 2000 sq ft is big! We've been looking at 1200ish ones and that's for 5 people. I think a big living room and decent sized kitchen is all you need. As well as a private bathroom for me & hubby =o)

  5. Our ideal house size is right around 2500 sq ft with a full finished basement. We need it.
    Right now we're in 1500 sq ft with no basement and it truly stinks.

    There's 3 bedrooms, but one is a playroom and we have child #2 joining us in December. I have no idea where that baby will sleep after the first few months in our room…

    It's too small for us and majorly lacks storage.

  6. “And, in all honesty, I have no desire to have a house this big. Seriously, none at all. It is just way too big for me. When I think of what the inside of this house might look like, I immediately start thinking about everything you would have to clean,”

    I wouldn't want a huge great house either. Apart from the sheer amount of cleaning required, I just don't want to feel like a house is about to swallow me whole. I don't want to feel like my breathing is echoing. You put me in a huge house and I don't think it would be too long before I started feeling like the second Mrs de Winter from Rebecca.

    Though to be honest, I'm highly unlikely to find out. The house valuation on nowhere-near-enough-space is well beyond my means at the moment, so far-too-much-space isn't even an option.

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