Eleven Months (and other totally random things.)

I feel like it’s a Friday night. Not that Friday nights are much different than Thursday nights. You know, it’s not like Friday night means football games or Homecoming dances, or anything. Except, dancing in your bedroom to “Singing Me Home” by Lady Antebellum (current most favorite song ever) is pretty awesome, too. Dude, if it’s a crime to listen to a song too many times in a row, than I have officially gone n’ done it. My husband is so annoyed.

I’m actually hiding out in my bedroom this evening. My room is clean and relaxing and currently, there are no clothes spread out on my bed to fold and put away.  I’m ignoring the downstairs right now. It has dishes that need to be cleaned, a table from after dinner that needs wiped down, toys to put away, shoes to pick up…..

I don’t want to do it. So I’m staying right here.

I’m organizing photos – took a bunch of the kids today – and reading blog stuff. All things that are very important and currently top my priority list and leave the dirty kitchen in the dust.

Joshua is 11 months old!! 

How did this happen? I am in awe. It has gone by SO fast.

He is so much fun!! He has EIGHT teeth. I just love him so much!

This afternoon, because we needed diapers, we went to Target.

I’m sad to say this, but I think the days of me going to Target with both boys and enjoying myself are over. At least for right now in this 2.5 year old and 1 year old (almost) stage. It used to be easy. fun. I could wear Joshua on my back and Lucas would be happy sitting in the cart. Now, it’s like a freaking circus trying to keep them both occupied and safe in the cart. Joshua is nearly crawling himself out of the darn thing and Lucas is trying to stand up and he doesn’t yet understand that mommy just needs a little break at Target to walk around please!! 

At any rate, I bought this rug for the boys room. It was on sale for $16, so although I’m not totally in love with it, it brings some nice decor and color into the room. (And covers up some stains, too. Heh.) I was thinking I might paint the walls one of those green or blue colors in the rug. Or, maybe that orange!!

Question: I’m throwing my friend a baby shower next month and I need some ideas! I’ve never thrown a baby shower before. What are some fun things to do – or things I shouldn’t do? (Jacquelyn, you are not allowed to read the comments in this post, just in case I get any good ideas, I want you to be surprised!!)

I think tomorrow I’m going to wear a cute outfit and do my hair (well, maybe) and ask my husband to take some pictures of my precious amazing perfect adorable children and I. I don’t have enough pictures with me and my kids! 😦

I try the self portrait thing —

I’m not really that good of a photographer.

I must.go.clean.the.downstairs. Waaaaaaah.

{are my eyebrows too thick?}

Happy Friday and happy weekend to you! We have a fun one planned with a birthday party, moms/kids club and church! Be blessed, friends! 🙂

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Eleven Months (and other totally random things.)

  1. THere's so many great baby shower ideas out there: sweet shop, rubber ducky, tiffany & co, Noah's ark, bees, afternoon tea, twinkle little star, ABC, freezer meals (great one for helping mom out!) etc.

    Finger food is good and so area a few games- short simple ones though. One thing I really liked from mine was everyone was given a heart to write a piece of advice on. I still have all of them~

  2. Happy 11 months Joshua!

    I hear you on the Target (or any errands) thing with two kids! My only saving grave is that Marin is small and still has plenty of room to grow in her infant seat so I still keep her in her car seat put her in the basket and Harper up front. I still do most of my shopping alone or as an entire family now though. Even going to a park is a huge challenge right now.

    No ideas for baby showers off the top of my head, but I pretty much find any and all inspiration on Pinterest lately 🙂

  3. You should check out the hostess with the mostest blog or cheap and chip nursery blog. They both have some really cute shower ideas! I'm planning one for one of my friends and I've found lots of fun ideas on those blogs (and on pintrest of course!)

  4. I feel ya on the chores to ignore and errands to run with little ones…ugh.

    I've hosted two baby showers in the past and had three (!) of my own for my first kid. I think if you have a theme for the party, it makes the planning go easier. A theme helps you stay on track and not have a conglomerate of games and food and activities.

    No, your eyebrows are not too thick! I heard thicker eyebrows are the new trend this fall. Seriously!

  5. Not sure if it is just me… But that 3rd pic down of Joshua looks exactly like Lucas. LOL.

    I was thinking at first that you were posting pics of both boys at that age.


  6. Your eyebrows are definitely not too thick!

    I like the idea of everyone sharing a piece of advice, or something from their birth story. At my baby shower, the host bought a bunch of plain white onesies and brought markers for clothing and we all decorated them! Fun! The only thing that would have made it better would be if they were for a variety of sizes instead of just newborn because they only got worn for a short amount of time. If it is a mom who will like really stylish clothes, maybe make it t-shirts for pjs? I don't like anything at baby showers that focuses on how big or not big the mom is – like the guess the belly circumference game. And collaborative games are more fun than individual games, I think. OK, that's it! Good luck and have fun!

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