Transition to Big Boy Bed = No Naps

It’s been a long week. 

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but ever since Lucas has become potty trained, he’s been a little…. difficult. I know it’s just a stage and it’s not his fault. Really in retrospect, I guess he’s not doing anything wrong. He’s just being a kid and learning life and going through all these new changes. It’s probably my fault if anything. I need to be more patient and understanding, and have more grace. 
Working on it, working on it. 
Thankfully the weather has been nice and we’ve been able to get outside. He loves being outside and is always happy and well behaved when we’re outdoors. Feels good to my bones too. Thank God for Earth. 
I’ve discovered that bringing a sack lunch with you to the park – or whatever your morning outing is- is the best thing ever. Your kitchen stays clean because the kids eat outside, there are no dishes or tables to clean because you’re using paper sacks and paper towels. You can stay out longer, since they can eat during their play or in between, so you come home and go straight to nap. Try it. Awesome. 

Joshua is SO funny. He wants to be big like his brother so bad. It’s the cutest and funniest thing. 
He climbs up everything and if he can’t do it, he get’s so frustrated. 

He just climbs up, and then goes down the slide! It’s so funny. I’m really surprised he’s not walking running yet. I know it’s only a matter of time. 

So — 
Lucas hasn’t napped in four days. 
Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would take their toddler out of the crib willingly and transition to a “big boy bed” before they have to. Lucas has officially mastered, graduated, got his diploma in climbing out of the crib and won’t stay in there for 5 seconds. Nah, make that 4. He can climb out in 3.4 seconds and I am not making this up. 
Now the problem is getting him to stay in his room during nap time. 
Lord Have Mercy. 
I know it may be common for a 2.5 year old to give up naps. Let me tell you, no 2.5 year old in my household is giving up their nap. I will fight it for weeks if I have to. I have now started calling it “quiet time” instead of nap. If you don’t want to nap, fine, but you must stay in your bedroom and figure it out. You are not allowed to come out of your room until I come in and get you, and that will be approximately 1.5 hours later — more or less depending on how crazy you are driving me that day. 
But the thing is, he needs his nap. Believe me. He is tired. Don’t ask me questions. 
I have tried holding the door on the other side (is it possible to lock the door from the outside? Whoever can do that for me will be my lover) I have tried putting the gate up or doing the silent treatment when he walks out of his room. Picking him up, putting him back on his bed, and walking away. So far nothing is working that great, but I will keep trying. 

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18 thoughts on “Transition to Big Boy Bed = No Naps

  1. I am pretty sure I could've written this entire post 😀

    Harper gave up naps about a month ago. Maybe longer? She's been in a big girl bed since March so it wasn't that. We potty trained her (err, began the potty training…still in progress) after the giving up of naps too so those things didn't cause it. We do “quiet time” now. Of course, she also comes up with EVERY excuse in the book to come out of her room. But like Lucas, she NEEDS to nap still because she turns into a beast come 3-4pm without one. Most of the time she does play quietly in her room a bit, but she still won't nap. She IS napping today though, but she usually caves and naps once a week. I just try and stand firm, if she NEEDS to go potty (her usual nap time excuse) then we go sit on the potty for a couple minutes then go straight back to her room. For awhile the little genius managed to hold her poop in until I put her down for a nap. Didn't matter if I made her try and go before or changed nap time. 10 minutes after I put her down “MOMMY! I poopoo!!!!” Sigh.

    When we moved her into a toddler bed last March we flipped her door knob around. We never use the lock anymore – now its mostly so she can't lock herself in. But we did lock the door the first few nights so she wouldn't get up and wander around while we slept and now she waits for me to tell her she can come out (she knows it isn't locked, but she got into the habit of waiting on mommy or daddy to come get her). So it worked pretty well.

  2. I feel like I wrote this post several months ago! My husband and I had a duh moment not too long ago and bought one of the childproof knob covers to put on our son's side of the door. Works like a charm. It only took a time or two of him not being able to get the door open before he gave up and put himself back to bed 🙂

  3. …or, you could do what I do: get one of those door knob covers that you can open, but toddlers can't. It works great. I have a 2.5 year old too and we've (I think) finally transitioned fully into the toddler bed. Emma doesn't nap every day but she will have quiet time and even stays in her bed now. We give her a few quiet toys and books and she usually ends up falling asleep. One thing that worked well was my husband telling my daughter that she didn't have to sleep but that her dolls and animals look really tired and she needs to make sure that they go to sleep. She really got a kick out of that, for a few weeks anyway 😉

  4. I know you're pain. Eb gave up naps at 2.3 years and she gets pretty tired by 4pm but powers on through. I get dinner ready by 5.30 and straight to bed at 7pm. So I guess thats the bonus 🙂

    As far as the lock. You can buy a lock (door handle+ lock together) and just screw the door handle in so the lock is on the outside.

  5. Yup- just get a childproof knob thingy and put it on the inside of the door. What about putting him down for a nap earlier? Maybe he's over tired by that time?

  6. We had this same battle at 2 3/4 when he transitioned to the big boy bed and was potty trained. But we battled it out because we knew he still needed naps. Here we are almost a year later and he still takes a 1.5 to 2 hr nap everyday. If he still needs the nap he'll settle down. It is probably just the newness and freedom that he has being in the big bed.

  7. Ian is trying the same thing. We have turned his door knob around and lock him in for naps. We also have the homemedics sound spa, recently acquired for Ian. Since we have started using it helps.

  8. you can actually take the doorknob off and turn it completely around so the lock is on the outside. We had to do this when our son with autism would wake up in the middle of the night and wander. Thankfully, he got past that phase! With my daughter, I just gated the door and ignored her for an hour while my soap was on. She'd eventually fall asleep on the floor by the gate.

  9. doorknob cover, it's a plastic thing kind of like a childproof medicine cap but for the door, you have to squeeze and turn at the same time, and kids dont' have that ability.

  10. Put a child protect handle thing on the inside of his bedroom door. That is what we did with my 2.5 year old boy. Of course at night after he is asleep I go in and open the door in case something would happen but for cases like this…yep! Also did you take all toys out of his room? I know this is such a struggle and I went through the same thing and still do.

  11. thanks guys!!

    There are no toys in his room- just books and clothes.

    Last night we turned the doorknob around so we could lock him in. Gosh, that sounds so harsh! I have a baby monitor in there. He tried the door for about 2 minutes and then gave up and fell asleep next to the door. 🙂 This is better than me having to stand on the other side and hold the door shut! Of course at night we unlocked the door and opened it a little… and halfway through the night he ended up in our bed. 🙂

    I think locking it for nap time will really help though. I'm so thankful for that suggestion, I can't believe I never thought of that!

    I would have done the doorknob cover but he can get most of those off if he really tries and I didn't want the door to accidentally shut in the middle of the night and he not be able to get out or something, so I like the option to lock it better.

    I will try nap time a little earlier….. I've actually been trying later than normal, thinking that may help to wait until he is really tired. We've been trying to do a longer reading/relaxing routine beforehand too.

    You all rock!

  12. I agree about turning the lock around. Omgoodness this has been a lifesaver for my little ones who are 11 months apart. They would be up all night and waking each other up before we changed the knob around.

    Honestly though, I can't believe every commenter has agreed (either the lock or childproof knob cover). I always thought I was a horrible parent for “locking my kids in their room.” I had to tell myself that it was no different than them being stuck the crib. Right?

    I realized quickly that it was more harmful when my kids didn't nap than it was when they fussed in their rooms for a few minutes.

    It is funny the things I always said I wouldn't do, before I became a parent. Now my motto is, “whatever it takes to survive.”

  13. I was also going to recommend turing the doorknob around. I can't believe so many other people think that too! And ya, what's the difference between that a crib????

  14. Thanks All! I too turned the handle around and locked the door on those days where my son (just turned 4) will not stay in his room for a quiet time.

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