Children’s Museum, Park, and then Target.

We had a good day today. 
I’m so thankful that “phase” of Lucas not napping and be a ridiculously crazy and difficult two year old is over.  Potty training yourself and then a week later moving out of your crib and into a bed is a lot of work! He has been much better this week, including napping every day. In fact, I even took a two hour nap with him yesterday! It isn’t my fault. He’s just such a good snuggler!! 🙂 
I needed a break from doing the park thing this morning, so we headed to the museum. We’re so  thankful for grandparents buying us a membership! We are able to go as often as we like and don’t pay a thing. So cool. 
(sorry about the bad quality of pictures. I was using my phone.) 

We were there just minutes after it opened, and there was no one there. We literally had the entire place to ourselves for an hour! A dad and his son came for a bit, but that’s it. I was surprised. I know it’s not super cold and snowing out yet, but it was a little chilly this morning. I don’t know what all the other parents and kids are doing…

This is the kids area. No one there!

I’m not complaining, really. It’s much easier to watch your kids when they’re the only ones. 🙂

Joshua was loving the water pool. I was doing a puzzle activity with Lucas and I walked over and noticed his pants on the floor. It was so funny, I have no idea how they came off! There he was, just hangin’ out without pants on.

Lucas and I worked on a couple puzzles and did a sorting activity with colors and bags. They have several tubs, each full of different activities. This is such a great idea, and something I want to implement in my home. It keeps things organized and gives children one activity/project to focus on at at time.

Going down the slide. Weeeeeee.

This is my favorite picture and the highlight of our morning. We finally saw the turtle move and get breakfast! I’m not sure how often they feed him, but they only gave him like five fish. And little fish too. Not that I know the diet of a chomper turtle, but considering his size, and considering the size of the fish they were feeing him, I think he was hungry. Or maybe my children just eat more than normal and my portion size is out of whack.

We also got to watch two little alligators swim and play. That was really neat.

Can we just talk about this picture? Blonde hair and khaki pants. I just die. Oh my heart.

I was very glad that I brought lunch with us! Go mommy.

On our way home – I accidentally took the wrong turn- Lucas spotted this park and asked to stop. So much for taking a break from the park, right? That’s okay, we had about 20 minutes to spare anyways.

There were lots of older kids there. Must have been from a school or something. Notice little Joshua in the middle? Oh, and that’s a cheese stick in his hand. He was in the middle of eating it when we stopped. He always gets so much attention from the big kids!

Joshua started to get really upset after a bit. I think his hands were really cold and it was a combination of that and being ready to sleep.

I can’t believe Lucas’ coat still fits him! This lasted him all winter last year and it looks like it’s going to last most of this winter as well. Crazy. I did buy him another one that I got at KidtoKid for only 16 bucks. It’s Columbia and orange — super cute. It’s a little big but he’ll grow into it.

After 2.5 gloriors napping hours, we had a to go to Target. I needed to return some things and get bleach and laundry detergent for cloth diapers.  The bleach isn’t for the diapers, it’s for cleaning my bathroom. The laundry detergent is for the diapers, but I’m not using very much cloth anymore….

You can tell how thrilled they are.

I’m thinking about being a banana for halloween. Looks really comfortable.

My babies are now sleeping and I think I’m going to watch the lastest episode of Parenthood. I’ve seen it involves the birth of their baby girl so I know I’m going to cry like a baby!!


Are you (you – not your kids) dressing up for Halloween this year? (I am not really dressing up like a banana. That was a joke and I would rather spend $40 on something cooler.)

What are your favorite shows this Fall? I’m loving Parenthood a lot, and New Girl is pretty funny, and Modern Family is just hilarious. What about Glee? I’m actually not liking it this season!! Is it just me? I loved the first season, but not digging it as much now.

Do you have a children’s museum, or anything like it in your town? I am so thankful for all the indoor children’s things they have here! I know the winters would be tough if we didn’t have places like this!

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “Children’s Museum, Park, and then Target.

  1. I'm currently up at an ungodly hour trying to figure out halloween costumes that 'go' together for my girls. at first i thought princess and frog, but finding a green hooded sweatshirt for an infant is almost impossible. jeez.

  2. Nope not dressing up this year. Still working on getting my girls costumes. I need to hit up KidtoKid.

    Loving Glee & Big Bang Theory this season. I'm not liking this season any less so far and I do love that they are doing more show tunes, but I'm a Broadway nerd.

    I still need to check out the museum up here. It looks awesome!

  3. I'm planning to dress up but having a hard time finding an afforable costume that isn't itsy bitsy or sluty. That sounds mean but seriously why are so many of the women's costumes out there so sexualized??

    We don't have tv =o(

    We don't have a children's museum here but there are lots of indoor play areas since winter is brutal here too.

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