Like Sponges

I have loved watching Lucas play imaginatively lately. Sometimes I will catch him doing something and I sort of spy on him, careful not to interrupt his play.  The other day he was “doing the dishes” – standing on the chair in the kitchen and as I came downstairs to check on him, I wait for a minute or two on the stair, watching and listening to him. He’s acting just like me. If it is any indication that your children watch you and listen to you, my golly, this is it. 

He’s not even doing the dishes. Just standing there and looking out at the table. “Be nice or you are going to go in time out!” And then he starts doing this laugh. Does he think that’s how I laugh?? I hear some jibberish and words through the toddler language and then I make my way to him. I ask him what he’s doing and he replies, “I’m just doing the dishes.” The counter is covered in soap and water and his mouth is colored in red’s and green’s, which I notice are from M & M’s that are now missing from the trail mix jar.

He’s been doing a lot of role play with taking care of his babies. Anything, like a book or a stuffed animal or a car …. he will pretend to put a diaper on it, put it in his bed (or on the floor, the chair, or in his brothers bed) and say “night night! See you in the morning.” He’ll close the door and a couple minutes later, “Good Morning! You woke up!” It’s just so cute.

Everything he says is a great reminder to me, to watch my tone, my actions and my words. When I see him go over to his brother and say “are you okay, honey?” I know he is picking up on my gentle and kinds words and actions. And again, when I hear him spurt words out like “time out!” in capital letters and “be nice!” I know he sees the meaner words and actions, too.

Kids are like sponges. Yeah, heard that before.


I’ve been sort of doing an “experiment” with my boys and cows milk. They have been having some (sorry to be gross here, but it’s a parenting blog, so all goes) seriously nasty smelling poop. Not only that, but runny, almost diarrhea like poop. Not normal, right? So I decided to not give them cows milk for two days and see what happens. I mean, Lucas has never had a reaction to milk that I’ve known of, but since Joshua is still new to cows milk, I’m trying to figure out if he’s having a reaction to it or what.

So with two days and no milk, there was no poop.

THEN. Joshua has cows milk in his oatmeal – not much! – and 20 minutes later I am changing a runny poop. Same goes for Lucas. So I’m trying to figure out what this means. Is his body still adjusting to new milk or is he allergic in some way? Are runny poops bad? Or does it make much of a difference?

Anyways. Bet you’re glad you read the blog today.

Here’s to the weekend!!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “Like Sponges

  1. You should try them on soy milk. My daughter is allergic to milk and whey and she goes from one extreme to the other when she eats or drinks anything with milk in it. It's either bad diarrhea or bad constipation. She does really good on the soy milk. (Not my favorite tasting tho but she doesn't see a difference.)

  2. This happened to Nathan. Lactose Free mild did the trick. Eventually he grew out of it and is totally fine now! They sell it by the half gallon in the milk section. Lactaid is the brand we used most but they have other brands too. Might be worth a shot?!

  3. As someone that's unfortunately lactose intolerant, it sounds like the little man is having problems with the sugars in milk (lactose). I listened to a podcast the other day about what milk/milk substitutes are the best. Sounds like soy isn't all that great for young boys especially. So… maybe try lactose free milk and see if that helps? Not that I have children or know much about them. 🙂

  4. Our GI says that while it is obviously upsetting their system (both my boys react to dairy as well) it is not really “bad” for them, as in it is not going to cause any long-term lasting ill effects on their digestive tracts. It just gives them the runs & possibly a tummy ache (since they are both too young to tell me if their tummy hurts).

    Luke has always reacted to dairy and Vinnie only recently (when I started eating a huge bowl of ice cream at bed time) but they both have reactions to it in MY diet.

    Luke has been having a tiny bowl of cereal w/ milk for breakfast & hasn't had a solid poo since….he used to have firm, “ploppable” poos.

  5. My son is the same age as Lucas and plays exactly the same way. It's the cutest thing, except when he copied me and yelled out in the backseat of the car, “HURRY UP LOSERS- WE HAVE PLACES TO GO”. Um, ya. Gonna need to watch how I talk about other drivers!

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