New Activities & Foods

I’ve been trying to find an activity or sport to put Lucas in this Fall/Winter. We’ve found so many things that I think he would just love – gymnastics, swimming lessons, art classes, soccer- but everything doesn’t start until age 3. Lucas doesn’t turn 3 until March, so it’s a bummer he can’t start these things now, but I plan on enrolling him into some things then. I wonder what is it about age three that is so different than age two and a half. (I’ve asked if he can start some classes even though he’s not three yet, but mentioning that he’s potty trained, but everyone still says no.) It must be something with the attention span, right? I know there is a huge difference in 2.5 and 3 — heck, there is a huge difference in 2.5 and 2.64 — so I guess as he gets older he will have more of an attention span for classes like this. 
There are lots of options for parent/toddler classes, but the tricky part is figuring out what to do with Joshua. For example, I was going to put Lucas in swimming lessons, but until age 3 it’s a parent/toddler class. I could bring Joshua, too, of course, but if I’m going to be in there anyways, what’s the point of paying an instructor? Same thing with Gymnastics. We found this awesome gymnastics place (it looked so fun, I wanted to start doing handsprings on the mats) that has a parent/toddler class for 2.5 year olds, but I can’t bring Joshua. They said if he stays in the stroller than he can come, but that won’t work. Joshua will want to crawl and climb on everything, and although I think that’s totally fine and I wouldn’t worry about him getting hurt by big kids, the place said it wouldn’t work.  Frustrating! I know Joshua would love it too. A big room surrounded by padded mats to climb on…. seriously, what is better!
On the bright side, maybe this will give us some time to save money. (Ha.) These classes are expensive! I can’t even imagine when I have both boys signed up for extra curricular activities and sports. We are definitely going to have to pick n’ choose our favorites. This, my sweet friends, is why I have a 2nd job. 🙂 
Our weekend was good. Simple, but good. 
We went for a walk. Lucas is wearing mommy’s gloves and daddy’s belt. He was going to work, apparently. I was trying to explain to him that he still has to hold my hand when he crosses the street! 
New food purchase: 
I got this on sale for like 2 bucks, which I think is pretty awesome. I think it’s like one of the healthiest things ever. Check out this list of ingredients. My husband thinks it looks like tree bark, and I sort of have to agree. I haven’t tried it because honestly, it looks gross and I can almost guarantee that I won’t like it. But! It’s not for me, it’s for my babies. I added a little brown sugar – a little- with milk and they gobbled it up! Makes mama happy. 
Speaking of flaxseed, one of the ingredients in this cereal/oatmeal, I ground my own flaxseed last week. I was making cookies and I decided to add some flaxseed. (Look it up- super healthy for you.) I bought it as whole seeds at store, not really knowing what I was doing, so after some research I put it in my blender and “ground” it. It has a nutty flavor, so I only added a little bit, but I love sneaking things in like this to foods! I also add flax oil (omega 3, baby) to our yogurt occasionally, or in our smoothies.  However, because we already eat a lot of salmon, I’m not worried about getting Omega 3 in our diet’s. 
Joshua has been drinking soy milk for the last few days, thanks to your recommendations, so we’ll see what happens in that department. He seems to really like it! (Eating green beans, tuna fish sandwich and a couple bites of salmon for lunch.) 

 They both woke up early this morning.

Lucas didn’t fall asleep until 9:30 last night – two hours after his normal bedtime- so I thought for sure he would sleep in this morning. I was wrong! 7:30 am hits and he is up n’ at ’em, ready to seize the day… right after waking up his younger brother, of course. Oh mommy is tired.

This is the work station that Lucas set up for me to do my homework.  The markers are on the left hand side, but you can’t see them. It’s imaginary play. 🙂

We have a busy week ahead of us. I’m working 5 days, we are celebrating Joshua’s first birthday (!!!!!!!!!) and I have to do some things to prepare for my trip to Oregon. Currently, all the laundry is clean, my downstairs is clean, the kitchen sink is clean (automatically get 4 points for that one) and dinner is ready for tonight. With that, it’s nap time in this household!

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