Do You Play Dress Up & Eat Candy on October 31st?

This year, in the having- two -young- toddlers- right- now stage, we don’t “do” Halloween.  It isn’t because I think it’s “bad” or “evil” or “anti-christian” or anything like that.  It’s not even that I hate it or anything- I just don’t have a preference. Sort of like Valentines Day, I guess. I think dressing your babies and toddlers up for Halloween is more for the parent than it is the kid, isn’t it? So, because I don’t care about dressing my kids up on Halloween, we’re not.

Lucas is scared of the freaky and disgusting masks and characters at Fred Meyer. I asked him if he wanted to put on a costume when we were at a friends house playing dress up and he said no. I don’t give him candy, either. (Unless we are potty training or he’s sitting for a hair cut or something like that.)

When they are older, if they want to dress up for Halloween, they can. I don’t care. I’m sure in Kindergarten they will dress up with the rest of their class. If they want to have candy on Halloween, fine.  I am not worried about those things. Whatever. But they must promise to share it with me, of course.

If one of my children want to be Spiderman or a Banana or any other character, they can, and it doesn’t have to be on Halloween. As far as I’m concerned, you can dress up as anything you want to be any day of the week. Actually, last week Lucas played “dad” and then he played “mom” and then we were in the “museum” and then I was eating “mangos.”

If we were invited to a Halloween party, we would go. My point is, I am not against Halloween and I don’t hate it. I just treat it like another holiday such as Valentines Day or Saint Patricks Day where I don’t really care one way or another and I don’t do anything to celebrate it. If that makes sense.

I really love Fall and pumpkins and all that. So Halloween or not, whatever.

I do have some thoughts about trick or treating and Halloween in general —-

Are we teaching our kids that they shouldn’t knock on random people’s door and they shouldn’t eat food/candy from strangers? Buuuuuut, on Halloween it’s okay?

Is it okay for a child to be a “bad” person/character/idea on Halloween, but not any other day? Like, would you let your child dress up as a scary/mean guy, but only because it’s Halloween? Or, would you let him dress up as a scary/mean guy any other day, too? Does that make sense?

Do you believe Halloween means death? Do you think it’s anti- christian or has anything at all to do with christianity?

I think it means candy. 😉

Why is Halloween the #1 excuse for girls (specifically high school/college age) to dress in shortest, most revealing outfit everrr? Just the other day I wore a mini skirt and a binki top to the mall and I didn’t need to wait for Halloween. So there.

What does your family do?

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10 thoughts on “Do You Play Dress Up & Eat Candy on October 31st?

  1. We do our trick or treating at local business, not door to door, for the exact reason you posted. It's not an issue yet because our kids are only 1, 3, and 5 but we will not allow scary or bad guy costumes.

  2. We took part in our first “Halloween Hike” on Friday which was pretty awesome. Every child came to a neighbors house with a carved pumpkin. The Dads then took all the pumpkins (about 17) into the woods and placed them in trees, on stumps, on the ground etc… The kids then hiked from pumpkin to pumpkin. When arriving at a pumpkin, who ever carved it got to give out a “treat” to the rest of the hikers. The treats were a good mix of home made crafts, home made cookies, and some candy. The pumpkins looked so good all lit up in the woods. We must have been out there for an hour and a half and covered a little over a mile? The ages of the hikers were 1-8 and everyone was in costume. We also attended a Halloween carnival at pre school, a party at another friends house and will be trick or treating in Montreal tomorrow night. I think I'll be Halloweened out by then…..
    Caroline 🙂

  3. I figure he doesn't need all that candy, and as long as he's still too young to ask to trick or treat (he's 2 right now) I'm not going to push it on him. We'll cross the candy bridge in the next couple years I'm sure.

  4. I think Halloween is great, and I've celebrated the past two years and dressed my daughter up, but this year I have a 2 month old and my husband is swamped with thesis work, and we just felt too exhausted to attempt it. So we skipped. My daughter (same age as your L) doesn't know what it is, and doesn't feel like she's missing anything. She's also scared of the scary costumes, and didn't want to get out and run into any of that. So we carved a pumpkin at our house and might make a special pumpkin bread dessert tomorrow.

  5. We celebrate it each year and it is evolving as our children grow. We've always carved a pumpkin and handed out candy to trick or treaters. We've also dressed our children up each year in a fun, family friendly costume.

    We usually attend a family activity and dance at our church the Saturday before Halloween. There are no masks allowed, no cross dressing and all costumes must be modest. This year there were snacks, some games like pin the tail on the tail on the donkey and a dj playing 'clean; music. It was a lot of fun.

    Tomorrow we will take our children to a few of our neighbours houses who we are friends with and spend the rest of the night at home giving out candy. Our children do get 2 or 3 candies but that is all.

    When Halloween falls on a Sunday we don't give out candy or go out. Our church will put on a Trunk or Treat before the family dance on the Saturday. It's where families open their vehicles trunks and decorate them and then the children go from one to the next in their costumes (and snowsuits!). It always a really fun event and it's nice to know everyone who your child is getting candy from.

  6. I think there are definitely aspects of Halloween that are evil, but I think you can draw a line and keep it family friendly and fun 🙂 I grew up trick or treating and dressing up in a very Christian home. My mom even decorated our house when we were younger. We were never allowed to dress up as witches or ghosts or any other “evil” characters.

    I've dressed my kids up every year. I don't spend a ton on costumes (they've pretty much all come from consignment or on sale) and save them to reuse for future kids. We're taking them out ToTing tonight with some friends from Church – just around a little neighborhood on base 🙂 Harper was really into the easter egg hunt earlier this year so I think she'll get a kick out of this too. We also have done Zoo Boo in the past which was a lot of fun.

  7. The past couple years we have set up a table with hot dogs and apple cider that we hand out to our neighbors if they need some refueling. We thought we would take advantage of the fact that our neighbors are all coming to our house. We dress up and participate but get to stay at our house and love on our neighbors.

  8. Is that really true that Halloween mean death so that we don't need to celebrate that . because death is true. what ever Halloween is for giving and taking chocolates toffees sweets from other and give other too If my child don't want to celebrate then i would never insist them to celebrate and more i can wear any thing any time but i would prefer full dress rather bikini for going in mall. because i need to hire a Orlando shuttle type thing and i think its not good to be dress like that.

  9. It's become more fun for me as Ingrid gets older. She actually gets what's going on now, with dressing up and going trick or treating. she doesn't really care about the candy so much, but I do 🙂 Lol! I love chocolate!

    But seriously, girls go as sexy-whatever, it's so gross. Sexy teacher, sexy nurse, sexy nursery rhyme character??? that always grossed me out!

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