All About Helicopters

For the last two weeks, Lucas has watched this movie almost every day. 

I found it on Netflix (we don’t have cable TV) and he just loves it. It’s the first movie (or show- same diff.) he has every really watched attentively and enjoyed. I will suggest others, because I keep thinking he has got to be getting sick of it. I mean, he’s practically got the whole thing memorized, but he always goes back to, “I want to watch the helicopter movie!” 
Even though the main actor is a little bit annoying, I realize it’s just annoying to adults and his voice and over animated attitude appeals to young kids. I do appreciate that it’s this movie he’s obsessed with instead of something with an animated annoying like Dora or Sesame Street or, God forbid, Barney. 
Not that I have even gave Barney a chance. I just can’t go there. 
I’m sharing this movie love of Lucas’s because I thought, maybe if you have an active toddler boy, he might like this too! They are about 35 minutes long and there are lots of other’s on Netflix, too. All about Helicopters, Construction, Airplanes and more. We’ve tried them all, and this one is his favorite! 
What show/movie is your toddler really into right now?
Any other recommendations for shows that are semi- educational and real life?  I’ve noticed Lucas doesn’t like animated character ones as much as he likes real people (like this movie.) 

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8 thoughts on “All About Helicopters

  1. Maddie has two other movies from that series – “All about Farms” and “All about Firemen”…she LOVED them both at Lucas's age. Actually, she still asks to watch the farm/horses one sometimes. Oh! And the actor is totally annoying. It's the same guy in all of them. He's “Farmer Bob” and “Firemen Rob”, haha.

  2. Oh…and other stuff she likes…she definitely loves animated, but she'll watch real life too. Dora is probably her favorite and it really is educational. She busts out spanish words left and right and I never know what she's talking about until she tells me.

  3. Ugh… Hard Hat Harry is like finger nails on a chalkboard for me! We grabbed a copy of it at our Toys R Us when my son was 2… he is now 4 and it has “mysteriously” disappeared.

    Have you noticed how few movies there are like it? I have searched for better alternatives. 🙂

  4. Believe it or not but my 18 month old will sit and watch and entire hour and a half of Wizard of Oz. Now she's really starting to like All Dogs Go to Heaven. I try to get her to watch the older shows from when I was little because Barney, Blue's Clues, and all those really get on my nerves. Except she's in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…I'm ok with that one. 🙂

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