Paint Cards & Stomach Ache

Happy Weekend! 

Our Friday has been pretty uneventful and slow. We’ve just been laying low today, playing around the house and relaxing. Actually, we’ve been doing a lot of that this week. In fact, we’ve stayed home almost every day this week! That is so not like me! We usually go out for play dates, zoo or museum visits, grocery store runs or do something nearly every day. I am pretty proud of myself, actually, for staying home this week and staying sane. 🙂 
First, let me back up to yesterday.  It just dumped snow. So pretty! I have lived in Alaska for two years and still, every time it snows you’ll hear me chirping, “It’s snowing!!!” 
I practically had to drag the boys out to play. It took Lucas a little convincing. Then, I got so frustrated because I couldn’t find his gloves and he wouldn’t keep them on and Joshua and I are sweating, being all clothed and all. We made it out for about twenty minutes, which is just enough for right now. It’s going to be so much fun as they get older and we can be out for longer periods of time building snow forts and snowmen! 
Then — some arts n’ crafts! 

At the paint store a long while ago, I grabbed a bunch of paint sample cards. Lucas likes to cut these up into small pieces and glue them on paper. There are so many possibilites for them.

He is practicing using scissors right now. He does really well, but these kid ones are awful!

Joshua really likes coloring right now. He is also pretty content if you give him some large and small objects. He loves putting them where they go, taking it out, doing it all over again. See that crayon all over his face? 😉

Lucas’s finished art work that he wanted to put on the fridge. Might need a few more magnets, not sure.

Now, today —-

My poor Lucas is sick. 😦 It started last night, right after dinner, which was also right after he and his brother were in the gym day care for an hour while I was working. Stupid day care. I’m thinking he must have picked up something from there.  He threw up three times before bed, and didn’t fall asleep until after midnight. He woke up at 9 this morning, and then only took a nap for an hour.

I know he has got to be just exhausted.

I, of course, let him watch his favorite movie. Twice actually.

He hasn’t ate hardly anything today. He keeps asking for water, but turns down every offer for food. This evening he did end up having a banana and a piece of bread, so that’s good.

Oh, and he threw up again too. This time it was on the hardwood floor, so that was an easier clean up.

He went to bed early tonight, so I’m hoping he sleeps really well tonight and wakes up feeling back to himself! You know when he doesn’t want to eat and just wants to lay on the couch  he is really not feeling good. 😦

I’ve heard lots of other kids are sick too, so I hope everyone is HEALTHY!

And Joshua…

This little monkey is just fine. Thankfully! I hope he doesn’t catch the bug, too. He is just craaaazy! 
{It looks like he broke his foot, but his pajamas are just a little too big in the leg/foot area.} 
He is officially walking! So much fun and so much craziness happening right now. 

Here’s to happy and healthy babies and a good night sleep for all! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “Paint Cards & Stomach Ache

  1. Aw, hope Lucas feels better soon. poor pet.

    How exciting that joshua is walking, Cody started about 3 weeks ago, just a few steps here and there and now hes walking maybe half the time and crawling the other half. SOO much fun 😉

  2. You do realize that's it's impossible that he caught something at daycare an hour before being sick, right? Not how that works. Poor guy though!

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