New Recipes I’ve Tried This Month

I baked chocolate chip banana bread today. (Recipe here.) 

Who am I??

Neither one of my children ate it. I almost cried. (Serious.) So then I painted my fingernails black and felt a little better. 
I was upset! Like seriously children, this is flour, sugar, egg, bananas chocolate chips, backing soda and salt. How can you not like this?? How can you eat a piece of crap processed food crapola from the store but you can’t eat mama’s homemade cookin’? I refuse to buy you anything processed ever again until you eat what I slave for you. 
I’m thinking about making cute labels for my flour and sugar containers. 
Today, after taking out the banana bread that was a little tiny bit just hardly burnt, I learned (hubby told me) that when you cook things in glass it cooks differently and at a different speed then when you cook things in a metal pan. Well how come no one told me that?! I thought I could improvise and use glass for my bread baking, but I guess I have to go buy another thing for my kids to pull out of the cupboard. 
I like baking more than cooking. Not sure why. What’s the difference? I guess cookies and breads are more fun. I eat a couple, put some in the freezer, then take some to work or to my husband’s work and let people think I’m superwoman and bake during nap time. 
SO — here are some things I’ve made recently. Try some! 
1)  BBQ Chicken in the Crock pot 

Recipe found here
So I didn’t actually follow the recipe, I was just inspired by this recipe.  All I did was throw three frozen chicken breasts int the crock pot with a bottle of BBQ sauce over it. So easy. It was great, too! A little dry, surprisingly, but still really good. 
2)  Baked Chicken Penne Pasta 

Recipe found here. 
I followed the directions exactly and made one to cook and one to freeze. The one we ate for dinner that night was really tasty! Even my kids liked it, despite having mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes in it. I froze an entire batch worth and, apparently something went wrong in the freezer, because when we took it out about a month later and re-heated it, the taste was way off. I was so bummed. What a waste of time, money and food! I guess I need to read up on freezer storing. 
3) Pumpkin Iced Cookies 

Recipe found here. 
Very very very good.  
4) Trail Mix Cookies 

Recipe found here.  
Although these cookies definitely taste healthy, they are so good! I love that they have a lot of protein in them. I need to make these again, actually. I like having these for the kids to eat as snacks. 
5) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies 

I’ve shared these before but they are worth mentioning again, because they are amazing!  You will really be the star of the party if you bring these. Thank me later. (Recipe here.

6) Crock Pot Country Chicken 

Recipe found here
I don’t think you can wrong with throwing a bunch of vegetables and chicken into a crock pot. Yum! 
I realize that half of these items are cookies and the other half contain chicken. We eat a lot of salmon too, and some elk and moose. Not a lot of cow though. I don’t eat it all really, but my sweet loving affectionate amazing (hi, honey) husband does. I feel like every crock pot recipe I find that looks good has chicken in it. And I don’t want that much chicken! I need to look into salmon recipes because we’re getting tired of eating it the same way. The cookies are just because cookies are fun to make and if I make them I am allowed to eat as many as I want without gaining any weight. God told me so. 
What’s on your “to bake” list lately?? Any new favorite recipes? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “New Recipes I’ve Tried This Month

  1. I found this amazing website with all these crock pot recipes that the lady made over the course of a year. It's AMAZING! I've already tried 2 of the recipes and they were the bomb! Really, they were. Anyways, the site is in case you're interested.

    On my 'to bake' list is sweet potato cake with brown sugar icing/drizzle, oatmeal cranberry cookies and lemon meringue pie for thanksgiving. Those trail mix cookies look really good though! I'm adding those to the list….especially since they seem like they'd be amazing for me to keep in hand to keep my milk supply up while nursing! Win and win!

  2. the last one looks soooo yummy! I'm a sucker for yummy stew type dishes. I have a great recipe…so easy, in the crockpot and no joke it tastes exactly like Local Boyz!! I'll message it to you!

  3. I definitely need to try those pumpkin cookies. We are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and these would be easy to transport.
    I would also love to make a sweet potato casserole, you know, with marshmallows and stuff. Yumm! I've never made it before but love to eat it and so does my husband and the baby. Win-win-win!

  4. samantha, i love you.
    you make me laugh. is it weird that when i read your posts i hear your voice?
    im so proud of you for cooking more! the boys will start eating it more. it will come. =)

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