Vacuum Cleaner, Lawn Mower & Hockey

We had a fun Christmas. It was quiet, but that’s okay. Quiet as in the amount of people (or lack of) we had at our house, not quite in the sense of battery operated toy making noise. 🙂 We watched The Charlie Brown Christmas on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve evening (?) we went out for a walk in the big sled and then Thomas took Joshua inside because he was getting cold.

Lucas and I played outside for about 45 minutes longer. We went up and down our driveway on the sled about 50 times!

Christmas morning, Lucas comes into my room about 7:30. He woke me up and I said, “do you know what today is?” He replied “Today is Christmas! Let’s go get my vacuum cleaner!” Haha. We had bought it at the store a couple days earlier and apparently he saw it and hadn’t forgotten about it!

We woke Joshua up and went downstairs.

I was so excited to give them the vacuum cleaner and lawn mower! I knew they would love them!

On Christmas day, in the early afternoon, before nap time after the sun came up and after we filled our tummy with an eggs and ham breakfast, we went outside to play in the snow and climb up “the snow mountain.” Lucas had his hockey stick with him; one of his Christmas presents and most definitely a favorite. One of the neighbors opened his door and yelled out, ” does he need hockey skates?” I was surprised but said, “sure!” Five minutes later this little boy (I think he’s probably 4 or 5) walked out with the cutest pair of miniature hockey skates and a bag of pucks. It was the sweetest and cutest thing. He said “Merry Christmas!” After a little conversation, we learned from his dad that they used to be his, but he wasn’t interested in hockey, much to his dads disappointment. The father told us they have lots of hockey things, so if we ever need to borrow anything than to come on over.

This was right after we came inside and he had just taken his snow gear off. See his white cheeks! It was around 10 degrees on Christmas Day.

I LOVE people like this. I love when people give things or do things for people just because of the kindness in their heart. Not because they want to get money from it, attention or something in return, just because they want to be a nice person and bless someone else in an unexpected way. In the most cheesy way possible, it warmed my heart on that Christmas day. Lucas and I are going to make a Thank-You card for this young boy… maybe we will make a new friend!

Lucas found a roll of tape to use as a hockey stick. (Prior to the gift giving of pucks…) Look at my sweet Joshua. He found the snow shovel to use as his hockey stick!

Lucas was SO excited about this new hockey gear. He tried them on in the house, but we told him they have to be outside. I showed him pictures on google of hockey players on ice so he could understand a little better. He played in the garage a bit with his hockey stick and puck. He just think it’s awesome.

Joshua loved the lawn mower we got him. That and the vacuum cleaner were a big hit, as I knew the would be. The boys have been playing fighting over them since yesterday.

My house is covered in toys now! I’m actually finding it really nice. They are staying entertained which is great because it’s cold outside and our favorite indoor playground closed!

What was your child’s favorite Christmas gift? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

One thought on “Vacuum Cleaner, Lawn Mower & Hockey

  1. No toys really in our house. My boys are 25, 17 & 14 and I really miss those younger days of secretly wrapping and hiding toys until Christmas morning. My oldest gets money now, my middle son got another electric/acoustic guitar and the youngest received another gun (don't have a clue what it is – he can use it for squirrel hunting but it's not powerful enough for deer hunting – that's all I know).

    Hope you and your family have a very happy New Year's!

    Karen in MD

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