10 Things

Oh, hello little ol’ blog!

Where have I been? I don’t know, I just haven’t been here! 

Here’s a “10 things” re-cap of stuff that’s been goin’ on the last week or so.

1) I’m eating clean foods. Like, real and whole food.. basically things that “have a mother” (fish, chicken, eggs) or things that come from the ground, or things that have very few ingredients. Non processed stuff. It’s actually kind of easy, once you start doing it regularly.

2) Lucas is in love with Dora.

3) Tomorrow we go and tour a potential preschool for next Fall. ohmygosh. 

4) I’m posting more on my Facebook page about nutrition and new things I’m eating. I am learning a ton right now so I love to share it with people. Especially if you are trying to lose weight or eat healthier. 🙂 I’m slacking on blogging lately because the conversations on Facebook are so much better! It’s so much faster and easier to put something up there like a question or a thought.

5) This evening Joshua started screaming when I was putting his diaper on. This is normal, he loves to be naked and doesn’t get happy about putting a diaper and clothes on. But he was screaming so hard that his face started to get purple as he was laying down. I picked him up and sort of moved  him to get him to breath. For a split second his head went limp. I had to shake him again and say his name several times… it was the scariest thing ever!! He went back to himself pretty quickly afterwards but it was really scary. He definitely lost oxygen for a second or two. I hope that never happens again because I still have a stomach ache from that scared feeling of seeing my son like that!! I talked to a few people that told me it was normal and a way to get attention. They said to ignore it. Right. Because ignoring a child who is purple in the face and not breathing is easy to ignore.

6) This child looks so sweet, doesn’t he?

Okay, he is really sweet but he’s also trouble. Not only is he trouble, but he does it good. He’s smart. He’s learned all these things from his older brother, plus his own slew of things. I’m having a hard time disciplining him right now

He climbs on everything!! His favorite right now is climbing up the chairs and then on the table.

Oh boy.

I’ve tried firmly saying No. I’ve tried doing the silent method of taking him off the table and putting him back on the ground a thousand times. I even tried a time out today. Oh, and I also did the completely ignoring thing. I don’t know if that made it better or worse. At one time or another both Lucas and Joshua were up on the table for a good 10 minutes playing and having the time of their life. I was so done. I just ignored them.  This morning Joshua climbs up and I hear Lucas… he’s taking over my mother responsibilities. Sort of nice. ” Joshua, get down there! You are going to get in big trouble! ” Ha.

7) Lucas turns 3 in two months.

I am in denial.

Gosh, my children do sweet-mischievous real well, don’t they?

I’m so excited for him to turn 3. I want to plan something big. I’ll get on that tomorrow I think.

8) I have to stop here because Joshua is on the table eating crackers and I want some…

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. I have never had trouble with climbers but I do know of friends who have simply moved the dining table chairs into a different room where the children are not able to access them. In time, they lose their desire to climb everything. The only downside to this is having to move the chairs back and forth for each meal/snack. It also doesn't help with the desire to climb other furniture. All the best as you try and figure this one out!!

  2. My katherine was a very early climber. It was so scary at first and then I got used to it. It was funny to see other people be around her though. They would be sitting in my living room and Katherine would start to climb. I would continue to talk as if nothing was wrong and they would jump up from their seat and leap across the room to catch her.
    Funny thing, she seldom fell and when she did she never got hurt much. She was meant to climb.

  3. I actually took my 18 month old to the pediatrician and he asked me if she would pitch temper tantrums to where she'd hold her breath. My response was of course “um nooo” and he said that that's apparently normal for them to do that. None of my kids did this so this was a total surprise to me as well.

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