Is this Spring?

Someone needs to open a business that is either a indoor play gym, bounce house, museum, indoor playground, kids are space (enter your favorite indoor kids venue here) that is totally 100% child proof and kid friendly. The kind where you can sit down and, if you so wanted, you could not get up for an hour while your kids played happily and safely. They wouldn’t crawl up the forbidden stairs, or go behind the front desk counter, or into the bathroom that wasn’t theirs, or try to play with the vacuum cleaner, or escape out the front door, or grab the snacks off the shelf…

I swear, some days it is more of a workout taking my kids out then it is going to the gym.

Today we went to gymnastics. Funnest place ever. They have trampolines and balance beams and bars and, did I mention trampolines? I am so excited, ready to do some bouncing and some flipping and some toe pointing on the balance beam. All my kids want to do is push the car around, oh and Lucas wants to play with the vacuum cleaner. I practically have to beg and plead with them to join me and bounce.

We are not here to play with vacuum cleaners or sit in the car. We need to run around and burn off some energy! 

Lucas goes up the stairs. I get so frustrated. He tells me is is trying to find the potty.
He goes up the stairs again. This is it, we are leaving now. I just wanted to write my name!! 
I have to give him credit, I guess. Writing your name and going pee are great things.

The sweet girl who works there asked if he was testing my boundaries today. I replied that he does this a lot. She said, “I teach a gymnastics class and I have two girls and four boys. When I teach the girls it is so easy. Then when I have the boys, I just start praying.” haha!

I was done. We got in the car and Lucas asks,
What’s wrong with you? Why are you upset?
I explain to him that he wasn’t listening and I was getting frustrated
It’s okay. I forgive you. 

Oh Child.

Joshua is 15 months going on four years old.

I need to start video tapping him. I need to figure out how to discipline him. He gives a huge smile when you say the word no. Sometimes I just ignore him. That would explain why there is a big puddle of water and dog food all over the floor in my pantry… ignored that one.

Joshua is crazy. He is just wild! I don’t what to do with him. Do they start preschool at 18 months?

The weather right now is just so perfect!

My kids are LOVING it.

Grandpa got him this bike for Christmas. Who knew you could ride it in the snow! All of a sudden Lucas is very excited about it. He is so particular about his helmet. I think it’s so funny the things that kids pick up on and what they remember. I was putting Joshua on it just for fun and Lucas runs up with his helmet. Don’t forget Joshua’s helmet!! 

3 hours (total combined throughout the day) of playing outside on Monday in the 40’s. Does this mean come June when it’s 70 degrees were going to be outside for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Lucas is having a birthday in a few weeks!! I’m so excited!

He wants his birthday party at the bounce house. I called and it’s $200 plus $100 if you want to bring outside food. Not. Happening. I told him we couldn’t have it at the bounce house because it was too expensive and he got so sad. It broke my heart! He got the big frown on his face and said, but I really really want to! I think we are just going to have a little party at the house. We only have a few friends to invite anyways and no family.. once again. 😦

I am going to make it so special for him though! He wants a big cake and candy (he tells me every time we go to the store and he sees junk food that it is for his birthday party. ) and he wants Dora and Boots to come to his birthday. So, I guess I’ll be using some sort of Dora decoration?

I also have no idea what to get him. He doesn’t really want or need anything.. I think we might do a little guitar because he’s into that right now. I am going to do lots of balloons and I might let him pick out his birthday cake..

I can’t believe he is going to be three years old. AH.

Love my little monkeys so much!!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Is this Spring?

  1. Love these stories about them both! Gives me an insight as to what I can expect in the future. Actually, my son is 13 months and today I was looking forward to preschool too. Ha! Gotta love curious and rambunctious boys 🙂

  2. Lol my daughter does the same “I forgive you” thing when she's done something to REALLY frustrate me. The bad part is she does it when I'm trying to correct her and it makes me laugh. How am I supposed to keep my “I'm very serious” face on when she does that???

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