Just a Number

When you step on the scale, you see a number.  ###.

Automatically you compare that number to some other number.

A number that you used to be or a number that you feel you’re suppose to be or a number that you favorite celebrity/fitness model/ordinary person says they are.

I’m not a fan of numbers. In college I failed miserably in math class and I swear the only reason I got a passing grade was because my professor felt sorry for me and my 5 month pregnant self.

I’m especially not a fan of numbers or comparing numbers or using numbers as a way to measure your progress. The scale is just a tool

The scale just gives you some random number — and who the heck cares what number it gives you today.

The scale does this:
gives you a #.

Here’s what the scale does NOT do:
It doesn’t tell you that your lean muscle mass has increased.
Your kidneys are healthier.
Your heart is functioning better thanks to the cardio you’re doing.
Your self esteem has improved.
Your mood is better.
You have more energy.
Your pants fit a little better.
Your calves look more defined in those pair of heels.
You are lifting heavier weights in the gym.
Your endurance has improved.
You can carry your kids up the stairs easier.
You look better in the mirror.
You feel better.

I see women weigh themselves way too much at the gym and I hate it! I hate that immediately after you step off the scale you’re either happy with yourself or feeling discouraged. I hate that you can be feeling great of yourself, feeling stronger and a little skinner, and then you weigh yourself and that number — it goes up. Or, it doesn’t show you what you wanted to see. And automatically, you get frustrated and discouraged with yourself.

This has happened to me. One day I was feeling pretty good, so I got on the scale. My first mistake was right there. The number didn’t go down like I was hoping it would. I felt like all my hard work wasn’t paying off. I fel like giving up. I felt like I haven’t had any progress. Which of course, that’s not true.

One of my clients lost 2 inches in her hips and waist, and 1 inch in her thighs, yet she gained five pounds according to the scale. Proof right there – she has more muscle! She just drank a liter of water, following a great meal and a tough lifting workout.

Your body can hang on to a lot of water throughout the day. Every scale you use is a little different. The number can go up or down five pounds in just a day based on what you’ve ate.

If you decide to weigh yourself to measure progress, here’s what I recommend:

Weigh yourself once or twice a month. Once a week bare minimum. I personally weigh myself about once a month or less — truly.

Measure your progress based on all the things I listed above — feeling better, clothes fitting better, looking better in the mirror when you see yourself, increasing your weights at the gym, higher self esteem.

The scale is just a number! 

{Scale rant over. Thanks for listening.} 🙂

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “Just a Number

  1. Thank you for this. I have found the same thing. My # hasn't changed in over a month but I am wearing clothes I hadn't fit into since before baby number 5 and I am feeling better and seeing my inches fall off!! But I was still discouraged. And it started to impact my food choices. Made me want to quit trying. So, I have put the scale away and Im moving on focusing on inches instead of a #!!

  2. Samantha,
    This is so true thank you for writing. It has been hard for me to get back to that “weight I think I should be” after having 4 kids. Pregnancy just changes ever inch of you. I've had to become very careful with how I perceive my own body around Sofia. She has become self conscious of her own body, and the more positive emphasis I put on balanced meal choices, exercise and how I feel about me, I've noticed the better she feeling about her body. It's hard with girls, the boys could care less.
    Thanks, Miss you guys! Can't wait to see you!

  3. Lisa, I can't even imagine with a little daughter watching you. I have to watch myself in front of Lucas too.
    THe other day I saw him standing in the mirror with his shirt up looking at his stomach!!! hahaha.

    Can't wait to see you too!! 🙂

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