Sunny Days

{Alaska in April. Lucas just turned 3 years old and Joshua is 17 months.}

On Saturday morning, the day before Easter, we woke up to it snowing.  snowing. It was coming down hard, too! I have to say it started out my morning pretty rough. Lucas kept asking, why is it snowing? When is summer coming? Ha. I don’t know sweet boy, I don’t know.

I’m actually glad it snowed though, because it probably was our last “chance” for the year to beat our record. There was just so much snow this year. It became annoying towards March but everyone, including myself, was thinking that it’s snowed this much, we might as well keep going and beat the record. And beat the record we did! It snowed more this year (winter 2011-2012) than it has since 1955. We got 134 inches this year! That’s pretty cool, I think.

One day I will tell my children that they lived in Alaska when it snowed so much that we beat the record. We had to work extra hard to keep our igloo warm and took turns sleeping with our warm and furry dog.

I think that was the end of the snow for this year. Really.

Last week we got went to the zoo three times! It’s so nice that it’s a) so close to our house b) safe c) not a lot of people. We usually are there right when it opens and I swear we have the place to ourselves most times! and I love that d) it’s a great place to walk around.

I’m having a real issue with Joshua’s boots. Thank you to whoever gave them to us (they were hand-me downs) but the thing is, they are yellow. They’re pretty cute and I normally wouldn’t mind, but he is almost always wearing some sort of Oregon State orange and black jacket or sweatshirt. SO, then he has on those ugly yellow boots and the poor guy.. and then I accidentally bought Lucas green boots. I let him pick out what boots he wanted, and I thought he’d go for the fire truck kind but he wanted the green froggys. So I went along with it and didn’t even realize what I had done to myself until we got home and one child was wearing yellow boots and the other child was wearing green boots and they were both wearing OSU jackets.

Lucas got a new backpack from Gigi. Also known as his “rescue packpack.” It’s crucial he takes it with him on zoo visits, rescue missions outside and normal places like the grocery store.

The camel was out and about today. This is the other side of him.

This morning we brought in the neighbors garbage cans. Such good helpers I have.

Something really cool right now is that summer is coming which means the days are so much longer. Right now the sun is out until about 9:30pm. I love it! It’s like a different world. People and kids are out later and it just makes for a longer day. It’s so fun.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

One thought on “Sunny Days

  1. Aww! I miss going to the Zoo. I've been on varying forms of bedrest so my trips out of the house are limited. We're hoping to go a TON later this spring and summer though 🙂 It's been nice to have all the sunshine though and I agree – hopefully that was the last of the snow that we've broken the record 😀 Love summers here, I'm especially hoping this one is awesome to make up for this winter!

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