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This post is going to be all over the map in colored randoms.

All the snow is melted. I can’t believe it’s almost June. How crazy is that? It’s been raining this weekend. I don’t mind it, actually. Reminds me of Oregon. But you can’t wear TOMS in the rain, so that’s no good. I went to Nordstrom today. I’m fascinated by the style of the women that work there. I can’t decide if it’s distracting or motivating. Or confusing. I still dont understand the whole legging + short skirt + weird looking high heel boot thing. It doesn’t work for me.  But, I would say they are all relatively good looking and dress pretty good. I’m sure that’s some sort of under the radar requirement to work there. All irrelevant, I know.

We’ve been hittin’ up lots of playgrounds! My boys love it. A few we ride our bike to which is really fun. Pulling them in the trailer is no joke! That is a good workout if you’re going up a hill.

They are so funny. We will be at the park for 2 hours or so, and literally as soon as we are pulling into our driveway Lucas will say, ” can we play outside for a little bit?” And I’m just like, waaaaaat? You just played outside for 2 hours! He does that at night, too. They want to live out there. I’m not kidding. I think we are going to try camping next weekend. I don’t know. I have to put on my this-will-be-crazy-but-fun pants. I think they will have a lot of fun.


We went to the zoo yesterday. Can you explain something to me? What is up with the leashes on children? I’m asking this in the nicest way possible, but really. I don’t understand. You are at the zoo. Where do you think your child is going to go? It’s fenced and there is hardly anyone here. This kid was probably about Joshuas age. His mom was just pulling him and directing his moves. Meanwhile I’m just chilling letting my boys climb over and over on the bench. How do children grow and discover things – especially outside in nature- when they aren’t even allowed to do it? How do they learn to walk with you or listen or how to climb and touch flowers and rocks and roll in the dirt if they’re leashed up like an animal? I could understand maybe in a super busy store or something like that, but outside at the zoo?? Poor kid. On the other hand, maybe she thought I was weird because I was standing there, totally calm and relaxed, letting my kids climb for a good 5 minutes in the same spot. When we go to the zoo, I let them do what they want. I’m not in charge, (except for safety or manner stuff) they are. If they want to spend all day walking around the tree, okay. If they want to walk to the polar bears and then back to the seals and then to the petting zoo, okay. If they want to run up and down the hill and put rocks in a bucket, cool. I don’t care. Okay, end rant. Let your child explore and walk around on his own. If he goes where he isn’t suppose to go, put him on your shoulders and start jumping up and down. Done.


Joshua is the best sleeper. He goes to bed around 8 at night and wakes up between 8:30-9 in the morning. I don’t hear a peep from him all night. He is just passed out. I swear every afternoon after nap time he has grown and got cuter all at once.

Lucas didn’t nap today. He woke up at 8, and if he sleeps past 7:30 am he won’t nap. Unless we do something crazy active in the morning and playing outside on the playground and climbing slides and throwing a frisbee for 2 hours and walking on trails is not considered super active. But generally he wakes up at 7am sharp and sleeps for 2 hours from 1-3 pm.

But anyways, my couch, episode of Super Why and cuddly toddler are calling my name…

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

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