Traveling Tips

We are traveling this summer to see friends and family back “home.” I’m so excited! We’ll be away from home for 2.5 weeks. Two plane flights, one eight hour drive, and staying in (at least) 3 different houses/rooms in total.

…. which means I have a lot of questions for you. 😉

{Fun day playing at the park in the SUN!}

Don’t worry, I’m already planning on going into it with a relax state of mind and a “go with a flow” attitude. I’m not expecting anything in particular and I’ll be as chill as possible.

Here are some things I’m thinking of:

  • Bring extra clothes on the airplane. I know, it’s a no brainer. 
  • Lots of snacks – even some new ones they haven’t had before but I know they’ll like
  • New toys — but what?? They are hard to please with toys. They think toys belong outside. 
  • ID of each kid — I think the DMV does this?? I need to do that this week. 
  • We are thinking of driving during the day and making a day trip out of it. Stopping a lot of times.. but it IS 8 hours of car time. PLUS all the stopping time, so not sure. 
  • We plan on bringing our two car seats, our stroller and of course our baby carrier. I guess we’ll just buy a pack n’ play when we get there or something for Joshua to sleep in, and Lucas will sleep in our bed I guess? Three people in a queen size bed.. mm I might sleep on the floor. ha! Joshua is almost too big for the pack n’ play too. Hm. 
  • New books for the airplane
  • Buy the same toy X 2 so they don’t fight over what the other person has
  • DVD player for Lucas — what new movie should I get them?? 
  • New music CD for the car 
  • Matching bright t-shirts for when we’re in the airport and other really crowded places. 
What else am I missing? Do you have any tips to share? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Traveling Tips

  1. If Lucas likes cars/trucks the movie Cars is always good, obviously I have no idea what movies you do have. Ha. And can anyone you are staying with borrow a pack n play? Would save some money, maybe you have already checked into that.

  2. You may check into renting a pack and play. I have never done it before, but I have heard there are websites where you can rent baby stuff and have it delivered to where you are staying.

  3. Some hotels do have pack n plays and cots so call the front desk – it doesn't hurt to ask!

    I'm also getting my 5 yr old and old Walkman and 5+ Cd's for our drive across the country so she can switch them out as she pleases and I don't have to hear that annoying music! 🙂

  4. We just traveled with our 14th month old and we rented a car seat from It worked really well! I think they have pack n plays too.

  5. I know driving through the night sucks for the driver, but as long as your boys sleep in the car, it will be so much easier. Then you don't have to entertain them for 8 hours and stop as often.

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