Welcome Back to the Blog

Oh, hey blogging. I sort of miss you. I’m going to try this thing again, that we call writing about our day or our thoughts or just simply sharing pictures. I need it.  I have lots going on right now and I want to write about it! Lucas is starting preschool next week and I know I want to document that! I love having this blog for several reasons. 1) I love being able to look back on old pictures/posts and remember the things we did or the things I was thinking/going through. Eventually I want to copy and paste parts of that onto a book of some sort. What if the internet dies one day? Has anyone done that with their blog? 2) I do love writing as my creative outlet. 3) We have no family here and I know my family and grandparents like reading about what we are up too.

So, welcome blog, welcome.

Today was an exhausting day. Oh, who am I kidding? Every day is exhausting. Between kiddos who are waking up earlier than they *should*, short nap times, and very active children… I am tired. I don’t want to complain — this is not a complain post. This is just to say that, wow, having two young boys right now is… exhausting. 

Yet, of course I love them so. They are just like, in this wild stage right now or something.

I wish I could think of a good adjective to explain Joshua. He is super sweet and adorable, yet he’s also stubborn and just a little pill sometimes. I don’t even know what to do with him. Today we were in the front yard and I turned my back for half a second…. turn around and there he was running down the hill headed for the street. I chase after him and as a result of him seeing me, he stumbles on his feet and crashes to the cement. I scoop him up and he is screaming hysterically. I say to him ” you do not run away from mommy,” and he, no joke here, immediately starts giggling. Just full on laughing hysterically. He knows he is trouble.

Is it normal that I don’t know what do do with my children so I take them outside? Seriously sometimes I just have no idea what to do with them. They don’t play with toys a whole lot, and it’s not like there is a ton of indoor places to take them. So what do you do?

It was pouring down rain. I am thinking here, what are my options? They aren’t playing with toys, I can’t think of anywhere to go, they are chasing each other up and down the stairs and head butting and someone is going to (again) get hurt. Lucas asks to go for a bike ride, and I’m thinking about this…

it is seriously pouring down rain. Like oranges and dogs or something. Lucas doesn’t care, he wants to go for a bike ride. Since I don’t know what else to do with myself, I agree.

Thank goodness I am awesome and have really cool rain gear for my kids..

Anyways, welcome back to my blog. Pretty exciting stuff, I know.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

One thought on “Welcome Back to the Blog

  1. My kids LOVE to play in the rain! I try to remember that they are only little once and a little water never hurt them. You are a great mom for getting them all ready to head out – It's a lot of work and there are times it takes more time to get read than they play out there!

    I used to do daycare and have four kids under age four and it was a 20 minute ordeal to get snowsuits on for two trips down the little hill.

    As far as copying and pasting your blog posts to save them in an album I would recommend checking out Blurb.com to see if your blog platform is compatible with their Booksmart software. That way you can 'slurp' the posts into different layouts and save yourself a lot of formatting hassle.

    I have a business where I do this for people at http://www.yourblogtobook.blogspot.com if you want to see some samples of blog books. Booksmart is a free software so as long as you have the time you can make the books yourself. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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