Wind Storm

Anywhere else in the world, if you had winds that were 75-100MPH, wouldn’t that be called a hurricane? Or something?? Or maybe this is a tropical storm? I don’t really know all the weather terms, but I’m pretty dang sure up in Alaska… well, it just crazy ya’ll! 

It’s September. This is the earliest I’ve seen (okay, I’m a bad judge of weather considering I’ve only been up here for two years, but it’s been reported it’s the earliest in…. a long time) a wind storm like this. It’s freaking September. So yeah, last night there was a wind storm. Winds got up to 100MPH in the Hillside before the sensor broke. Many people (thousands) lost power and tons of trees fell. The schools were cancelled today (2nd week of school!) because so many buildings were without power. A couple transformers blew up. 
We’re tucked in an area of Alaska that wasn’t too bad. We never lost power and thankfully no trees fell on our house or car. I was worried the tree in our backyard was going to fall on the kids bedroom. It never did! I think since we live in such a close neighborhood (with all the houses on top of each other) our’s was protected a bit.  
This afternoon the winds have died down significantly. It’s stilly windy, and now it’s raining pretty hard, but I don’t think anymore high winds are expected. I’m just hoping all my friends get their power back soon!! I’m so glad the power didn’t go out in the dead of winter. What happens if the power goes out when it’s freezing outside? 
Babies and I went on a walk this morning to find all the trees that had fell. 
We also went to the grocery store. I needed bread, milk, and spinach and I walked out with $45 worth of stuff. Man, why does that always happen? Anyways, I take the kids to the grocery store by myself at least twice a week. They are normally really good, and I’m in and out rather fast. Well, today I was asking myself, Why have I never utilized the free child care?? 
They had stations set up to make it easy for people to buy flashlights and water by the case. 
I bought neither. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “Wind Storm

  1. I'm at my inlaws house not too far from you, and the wind was awful! I think the little bit of elevation they have over the rest of the town makes for a rougher time in bad weather. They lost 1 tree, and the neighborhood was trashed! Glad you guys fared well. I'm almost afraid to go home and see our place in HOmer!

  2. It was so crazy! We never lost power either, just had our lights flicker a bunch and our internet went down overnight. But the condo buildings next to us were still without power last night. Crazy how that happens! We also took a walk around to look at all the trees that fell over. Glad you guys were safe! I did send Aaron out for an extra flashlight but that's all the storm prep we did 🙂

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