How Long do You Keep "Old" Baby Clothes & Gear?

This is stressing me out, making me nervous, and getting me excited and a little sad all at once.

I have saved almost all of my kids clothes and gear (cloth diapers, baby supplies, etc) in case – or when. or if. – we have another child. Of course, that makes sense to save stuff for the next child, right?

What do you do with all this stuff?

One of my friends is borrowing my baby carrier and most of my good cloth diapers, so I’m glad to know those aren’t going to waste. The rest of the stuff I have is mostly clothes, which I just plan on giving away eventually.

{side note: I still have about 10 or so cloth diapers that aren’t as nice, and I think I’m going to put Joshua in them again. He is showing signs of wanting to use the real potty, so I think wearing cloth diapers would help him realize when he’s wet easier. Just like it worked with Lucas, I guess, since he was potty trained by late 2.5!}

A really big part of me wants to give it all away right now, so a new child and family can use it. We have some nice stuff, and I hate just seeing it sit there in a plastic bag! I have a really nice 12 month Colombia snow suit that I’m sure a family would be blessed with this winter…. and lots of cloth diapers, shoes, baby clothes…

And maybe this is selfish, but another part of me thinks, well, if we end up having another one, I want that stuff back! I’ll need all these clothes, too!

Maybe it makes the most sense to go through everything and only keep the stuff I really love?

Or just keep it all and give everything away at once after my husband comes back from the doctor and we are 110% certain we are not having anymore wild animals, errrr, I mean kids.

What do you do??

Is giving away all the baby clothes admitting that we aren’t having any more kids?!

I can’t handle this.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “How Long do You Keep "Old" Baby Clothes & Gear?

  1. Do you have consignment sales in your area? Its a good way to make a little money to use towards other things for your kids and people get it for a better than retail price! I currently do it and I love saving money and seeing stuff being used that the kids don't use/wear anymore!

  2. I donate anything that's not in great condition and sell the still nice stuff. 🙂 I figure when/if a new baby comes I'll want to buy new stuff! I did keep some favorites to make a baby quilt out of, though – HIGHLY recommend that if you have some you can't bear to part with and its nice for your child to have a keepsake like that, too. 🙂

  3. I live in the same town as you and we sell to Kid to Kid, Once Upon A Child and then donate what is left. There are also 2 consignment events coming up that you should really check out! “AK Mom 2 Mom” and “Hand Me Ups, LLC” each have a facebook page and even though I have never sold through them I have bought through them.

  4. Oh, and my opinion on keeping clothes? We only keep all of the favorites and staples (jeans, long sleeve tshirts, expensive things like coats). But then again, we only have one and are hoping to have another one soon. If we had the room to store all of it we would though!

  5. I really was thinking about making a blanket or something like that… but my boys shared all the same clothes, so I'm not sure how to split it up?

    I am holding on to the baby onesie that Lucas came home in… it's still in his closet. I love it so much.. I have to figure out something to do with it.

    I know about the consignment stores — to be honest, I'm not interested in selling each individual articles of clothing for a few dollars. I like to give away as much as I can. Maybe trying some at KidtoKid would be a good idea though, that might help with some new things I need to buy this season. 😉

    More expensive things like strollers, baby carriers, cloth diapers, etc I will try to sell to get some money back. But everything else I try to pass on.

  6. I have kept almost everything. I did go through the clothes because we had so much, but I know we aren't done (we want 4) and being cheap (and not having a lot of money) I just save it all… I will sell it all when we are done!

  7. Take some to consignment and use the $ to buy the next sizes up of whatever you are needing. Give the rest to people you know who have littler kids than you, and anything left to Goodwill. That's what I do! Even if you have another child, you might have a girl, and want girlie stuff instead. Also, there will always be people who will pass their hand-me-downs to you, plus relatives are excited to buy cute new stuff for a new little one, in my experience. I have bought exactly 1 item of new clothing for my 8-month-old boy, because my cousin and others have passed their baby boy stuff to me. I always think the sooner you pass it on the better, too, because styles do change over time. Have fun cleaning out! It actually feels good, even though a little sad too.

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