Fill Your Empty

Right now I am reading my way through Lysa Terkuersk’s amazing book Made to Crave.  (She also wrote a book called What Happens When Women Say Yes to God and many of the things she mentions in that book helped me to finally share my story and write about it. I believe this is {one of the ways} I am saying yes to God. Anyways….) I found Lysa’s book Made to Crave a couple years ago when I was at the bottom of the bottom. I read the first chapter in minutes and immediately exhaled a big sigh of relief with tears streaming down my face.

I realized I wasn’t alone.

Gosh, I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to read a book that described exactly what I was feeling and exactly what I was so terrified of. I finally realized that I was going to be okay. I was not the only person on the planet having these issues. I would get through this. {And I will get through this} I have words and paragraphs and sentence after sentence highlighted, circled, smily-faced, starred and exclamation point-ed because so much of what she writes is such truth. It’s like she gets me!

I am re-reading her book this week. I think every time you read through a book you gather more information or learn how to apply it differently, or maybe you interpret it from another angle depending on what stage you’re in. I am inspired by some words she said in one her first chapters when she writes about Matthew 19:21, ” If you want to be perfect, go sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come follow me.”  This man refuses to give up the one thing that consumes him. God wants you to give up the one thing that you crave more than Him. Satan will do everything in his power to lure you away from God. We are talking about filling ourselves up with God instead of food or whatever we are craving more than God.


However. This doesn’t have to be about food if you don’t want it to be, and it also doesn’t have to spiritual or about faith.

Here’s the point.

Whoever you are, we all have a “fix” in our life. We all have something we turn to when we fill angry, defeated, sad, frustrated….. you also have something you turn to when you have emotions on the other side of the spectrum…. happy, excited, joyful. But most of the emotions we feel on the opposite end, the emotions most people would categorize into the negative category, lead us to the unhealthy habits or motives.

Feeling defeated, sad, frustrated, worn, tired and lost leaves me feeling empty. When I am empty I have to find something to fill me up. Whatever emotion you are feeling, we all have something we turn to in order to make things “better” or to mask the feelings.

Maybe you fill yourself up with food. Or a drink. Or maybe you fill yourself up with a particular habit or activity that isn’t exactly moving things in the right direction. Maybe it’s a person you fill yourself up with. Lots of things can be filling if you allow them to be.

We have to make great efforts to fill ourselves up with things that are positive, healthy and uplifting. 

The other night I ended the day closing my kids bedroom door after 4 “goodnights” and 3 stories read and probably 5, but maybe 6, kisses. It wasn’t my kids that were the problem, they just happened to be at the end of this awful day of mine.  I was tired and grumpy from whatever random things that inconvenienced me that day.  I felt empty.

My first thought – and I hope that one day soon this will not be my first thought – was to fill myself up with food. Food that would make me feel better,  like maybe ice cream or chocolate or something equally as delicious that I “deserved” and “needed” that day. I had a moment where my brain and my heart worked together to bring sense to me — food is not going to fill me up in the way that I need to be filled up right now. Food is not going to fix this issue, this mood, or this moment.

I had to seriously ask myself, ” I am feeling pretty worn out right now. Pretty empty. What can I do that will make me feel FULL again?” My answer? A long walk, a good book and a relaxing bath. It was that easy! Just a simple (yet hard) choice and there I was, filled up in a positive healthy way.  I call these small victory’s against the battles. 

As you go through your day today, pay attention to your emotions, your habits and behaviors that you find yourself doing in order to fill you up. Check yourself. Is this a good way to fill up? Is this going to bring me peace and genuinely “fix” my thing? 

Fill your emptiness with something genuinely filling. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

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