Confessions of a Personal Trainer


I am a part time personal trainer and I absolutely love my job. I truly feel so blessed that I get to help people reach their goals and feel better about themselves. It makes me so happy that I am in a position to brighten someone’s night and help them feel better after a workout.  I am constantly inspired by the work my clients put it and it is such a JOY to help people!IMG_7175

My degree in health many years ago and my passion for helping and loving on people gave me the idea to start personal training. Almost three years ago I earned my certification and have been training people since as my part time job – along side with being mommy to my two kiddos during the day.

After people hear that I’m a personal trainer, I get many of the same remarks :

Oh so you must workout every day!

I bet you love to workout! You are probably in such great shape!

You love eating healthy don’t you!

Well you’re a trainer! It’s easy for you – you already love to workout!!

Basically, people assume that personal trainers are people who love to exercise, are super healthy and fit, love vegetables and eating healthy, and are in great shape and  skinny.

Let me tell you that I am none of these things.

This does not make me a bad trainer.

But it does make me human.

 I am a normal girl who, even though I know working out is important, I still struggle to find motivation some days. Even though I know the importance of certain foods and how they are so vital to our success and goals, I struggle to find the willpower in me some days. Even though I know how healthy vegetables are, I really really hate them.

I do feel the pressure to be “perfect” some days. I see the looks I get at the gym while I’m wearing my ‘personal training’ shirt. I feel the  judgements and the assumptions as people notice my un – perfect body.  It’s sort of like when you go to the dentist; you automatically look at the dentist teeth and notice how nice, white, or straight they are. Or, at least you expect them to be.  I realize these are probably feelings from my own insecurities – people probably don’t actually care what I look like.

I am really grateful to my clients. Most of them I have been working with for over two years. I am able to connect with a lot of them because, even though our sizes may be different, I get what it’s like to not want to exercise. I get what it’s like to be intimated in the weight room. I get what it’s like to find motivation within yourself. I get what it’s like to when you tell me it took you 5 weeks to take your first step into the gym. I get it.

I am right here, going through this journey with you.


Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

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