winter solstice

(Thanks to my friend Ashley for this great picture!)

We’ve had so much fun celebrating Solstice the last couple of days! December 21st is the shortest day of the year, where we will get (about) 5 1/2 hours of daylight. Then we start gaining light! Right now the sun rise is around 10 am and the sunset is around 3:45pm. “Isn’t it always dark there?” is such a HUGE misconception about living in Alaska, I admit I had the same judgements before I moved here. Honestly it’s about an hour off from other states and you get so used to it – you don’t really notice it too much…. although I will say some mornings it feels strange driving to school at 9am in the dark. If there is snow on the ground – which there usually is in the winter, obviously – the lights reflecting off the white make it much brighter!

But on to some pictures!

Last night my son and his school went caroling around the neighborhood with these adorable little solstice lanterns they made.


Tonight was like a Christmas movie.

At Cuddy park they had the entire skating loop outlined with lit candles and Christmas music playing.

I only took a couple pictures and sadly none of them turned out very well.

I wish you could have been there, it was so beautiful!

I skated around several times and then took Joshua around a loop.

After skating we took a sleigh ride around the lake – my kids loved it.

IMG_9858Happy shortest day of the year, Alaska!

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