“Could You just Love me Like This?”

This past weekend I shared this picture on my Facebook page.  


When I saw this poem I almost started crying, it kinda gut punched me and I knew I had to share it with you guys! I was blown away by how many of you felt the same way I did. It brought many of us to tears and really made us stop and think about how we treat ourselves.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.17.27 PM

Self love and positive affirmations have been a huge part of my message and mission since I started sharing my journey.  I talk a lot about showing up for yourself and that STEMS from self love.  You can’t show up for yourself if you don’t love yourself, right?!

So many times I see us reaching out for “the next thing” that will “fix” us. You look for the next new diet to try, the newest program, weight loss supplement, drink, pill,  etc…. you’re searching for that next THING that you can do to fix your body. And all along, your body is saying to you — will you just love me like I am? Will you just love me for what I am right now, right in this place, right as I am? Will you stop trying to fix me so much? Will you stop trying to change me so much? Will you stop nagging on me and picking me apart? Will you give me respect and love and gratitude? WILL YOU JUST LOVE ME LIKE THIS?! 

It’s this weird place of WANTING to change or improve but you can’t because you hate where you’re at. I understand this completely and it’s what crippled me for a long time. I KNEW If I loved myself  I would have an easier time making positive, healthy choices for myself. But I also couldn’t get to that place of self love. So I was stuck. I knew what I needed but I could’t get there.

So the question becomes, HOW do we love ourselves when we HATE where we’re at? How do we invest in something that we feel is unworthy of attention and investment? How do we nourish something that we feel is empty? How do we take care of something that we feel is broken and worn? How do care for something that we feel is unworthy of love and attention? How do we truly LOVE ourselves, our bodies, when we believe our body is too big, too wrinkly, too out of shape, too worn, too old, too odd, too tired, too beat up, too broken??

We stop. We stop beating ourselves up for every little thing. We give ourselves GRACE.

We start with gratitude. We begin to thank our bodies for all the things it can do. Remember my post on finishing the triathlon and how I credited gratitude and positive affirmations to get me through it? That was when I started thanking my body. It was tired and overweight and unhealthy, but I thanked it anyway for the things it could do.

After gratitude comes positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations is this crazy ridiculous idea of saying kind things to yourself. And the craziest part about it is that it actually works. You truly begin to manifest the person you want to become by saying things about yourself that you want to be true.

I am capable.

I am worthy.

I am ready for change.

I love myself for where I am.

I accept myself for who I am.

I love my body for how it is.

I am strong.

I have perseverance.

I do not give up.

I am a Child of God.

YOU have to tell yourself WHO you are. If you don’t, someone else will do it for you. On the same side, everyone in the world can tell you how amazing and incredible you are but if YOU don’t believe it to be true, it won’t make a difference. When you show up in front of the mirror and speak to yourself, you “fake it till you make it” and speak light and love into yourself. You begin to manifest who you are. You begin to love yourself…. ever so slowly… for this person that you are, right now in this moment.

Through this practice and application, you will begin to uncover wounds from within that have caused you pain in your life. You will allow yourself to grow and learn from them, fighting through the tangles of your past issues. You will begin to break through this shield – this layer – that has been protecting you for so long. When this happens, you will notice the extra weight start to shed.  As you get stronger and more courageous, continously fighting through your life as you stomp the past, the weight falls off. You are strong now, you don’t need such a thick armor. You are brave now, you know who you are.

Show up for yourself today by standing in front of the mirror. Any mirror will do, but a full length mirror is the best — you need to be able to see those knees when you thank them for walking the stairs, you need to see your feet when you thank them for keeping you upright, you need to see your stomach when you thank it for holding your babies, you need to see your toes when you admire how awkwardly awesome they are, just cause they’re toes and you’ve got 5 of ’em. Thank each part of you individually.

Then look into your eyes – if you’ve got two that can see the colors, I mean that’s pretty cool…

Look deep into your own eyes. Just hang out there for a second. What does your soul need to hear today? What words does your mind need to put out into the universe, what things does your body want to accomplish today? Tell yourself anything you want – whatever comes to mind. Just repeat it. If you feel weird, good. Keep going.

I think you’re awesome. But really, it doesn’t matter what I think about you. It matters what YOU think about YOU. The words you speak to yourself matter. So love yourself, won’t you? ❤




Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

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