“Could You just Love me Like This?”

This past weekend I shared this picture on my Facebook page.     When I saw this poem I almost started crying, it kinda gut punched me and I knew I had to share it with you guys! I was blown away by how many of you felt the same way I did. It brought manyContinue reading ““Could You just Love me Like This?””

There’s a Girl Inside of You..

I walked into the gym, looking around at the weights, the machines, the oddly shaped … things? on the ground, wondering where to start, what to do with them and what’s the best one to start with.   I remember at hot yoga, leaving the class half way through and crying in the bathroom. IContinue reading “There’s a Girl Inside of You..”

5 Tips to Help You Rise Up

I want you to know that I completely understand how exhausting and difficult it can be to lose weight and reach your goals. I was 50 pounds overweight not long ago and I struggled with disordered eating habits. Even after losing the weight, I still struggle! Some days I will eat horrible or get downContinue reading “5 Tips to Help You Rise Up”

10 Day Jump Start Challenge

OUR NEXT GROUP STARTS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH! READ BELOW FOR ALL THE INFORMATION AND SEND $27 TO PAYPAL SAMANTHAMELLENFITNESS@GMAIL.COM WHEN YOU’RE READY! Hi, Friend! Have you ever felt like you wanted to start, but you just weren’t sure HOW to start? Have you ever felt embarrassed to step back into the gym? I have beenContinue reading “10 Day Jump Start Challenge”