What I’m Reading / January

Gather around fellow book lovers!  Wanna be book lovers, join the circle. This is part one in a post every month (at least) that I’m going to devote just to the magnificent land of books. I have to mention the last two books I’ve read: Gone girl and The Fault in Our Stars. Both were excellent, finishedContinue reading “What I’m Reading / January”

Favorite Books of the Week

This is part two of a little series I’m doing here, highlighting Lucas’s favorite books each week. Part one is here. I love watching Lucas find his favorite books and flip through them on his own. He remembers where his favorite pictures are, and he’ll often turn to the specific page and start laughing. I wantContinue reading “Favorite Books of the Week”

Favorite Book of the Week: Look Inside Your Body (a series)

Lucas – just turned two- is really into books right now. I love that. Finally, all our books, and all the books I’ve kept from my childhood are being read! I think it’s typical at his age, but there are generally 2-4 books that we read a week, over and over and over again. TheyContinue reading “Favorite Book of the Week: Look Inside Your Body (a series)”