Counting Calories for Nursing, Exercising and Losing Weight

This is a heavy post full of counting calories, numbers on the scale and diet talk. I have no problem sharing such things with you, but please be respectful and offer suggestions/advice (to me or anyone else) kindly. It is sometimes hard sharing your person life and opinions on the internet because you get allContinue reading “Counting Calories for Nursing, Exercising and Losing Weight”

Going on a Diet While Breastfeeding

Several of you who are doing the Body After Baby Challenge  have asked me about this- cutting calories and trying to lose weight while nursing- so I wanted to address it. Here is my take on the matter. It’s completely fine to cut calories while breastfeeding in effort to lose weight as long as youContinue reading “Going on a Diet While Breastfeeding”

Gisele’s New Law: Breastfeed for Six Months

Have you heard about this? Gisele Bundchen, a skinny model lady that gave birth to her child a while back, stated that “there should be a worldwide law that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months. ” Is she for real? I’m sure what she meant to say was that she encourages and wantsContinue reading “Gisele’s New Law: Breastfeed for Six Months”