When to Start Preschool & the Curriculum of Life

I’m a pretty big believer that children learn through play. At Lucas’s age of two-and-a-half, (gulp) I don’t really focus, or even worry (too much), about him learning things. (Things “school -like.” There was a period of time, probably a few months ago, where I started to really think about how I could teach him,Continue reading “When to Start Preschool & the Curriculum of Life”

Montessori 101: Helpful Article

Montessori 101: Some Basic Information that Every Montessori Parent Should Know  If you have questions on what Montessori education is, how it works, what a classroom looks like, and what makes it different than “traditional” school, I highly recommend checking out this article, written by the President of the Montessori Foundation. It is rather long,Continue reading “Montessori 101: Helpful Article”

Choosing Montessori School for our Toddler

My husband and I decided a while ago that we were strongly going to consider putting Lucas in a Montessori School. Whenever that time came, be it when he was 20 months or 3 years old, Montessori style teaching and learning, and the environment it has is something we see fit for our children andContinue reading “Choosing Montessori School for our Toddler”

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap: Week One

The two hour premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC had me squirming on my couch and shaking my head in disgust. Did you see that chicken and how he chopped it up and threw it in the blender? Oh, that was just so awful. All the fat that he threw in the dumpsterContinue reading “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap: Week One”

We Need to Change the Lunch Program

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (starts tomorrow night!) has got me all fired up about our lunch program in schools. I’ve been into this for a long time, and he has brought back my desire to change it! I hope that his show will open the eyes of America and show us just how bad theContinue reading “We Need to Change the Lunch Program”