the one thing about myself I never wanted anyone to know

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but it’s time. This is one of the steps to the path of freedom. I struggle with binge eating. I was a binge eater for years. I got so out of control that I gained fifty pounds over four years. I have been so ashamed and embarrassed ofContinue reading “the one thing about myself I never wanted anyone to know”

New Recipes I’ve Tried This Month

I baked chocolate chip banana bread today. (Recipe here.)  Who am I?? Neither one of my children ate it. I almost cried. (Serious.) So then I painted my fingernails black and felt a little better.  I was upset! Like seriously children, this is flour, sugar, egg, bananas chocolate chips, backing soda and salt. How can you notContinue reading “New Recipes I’ve Tried This Month”

Natural Oatmeal is Suppose to Taste Good (?)

Bye Bye Instant Oatmeal.  I am trying to eat more real foods. I want to get rid of the processed crap that has 45 ingredients with only four of them that you can pronounce. I want to eat clean, real, pure foods.  These are old fashioned oats.  Much healthier.  Check out the ingredients.  100% Natural WholeContinue reading “Natural Oatmeal is Suppose to Taste Good (?)”