Nursing Cover Giveaway

Leelu B. is a new business from a stay-at-home (working!) mama. She specializes in making fabulous nursing covers!  Each nursing cover is made with a hand picked fabric, so no two covers are the same.  The cotton is pre washed in chemical free detergent and is machine washable.  You can adjust the neckline easily toContinue reading “Nursing Cover Giveaway”

Miche Bag: Versatile Handbag Giveaway

Have you heard of the Miche Bag? The Miche Bag is a base bag/purse that allows you to put on any shell you want.  So, virtually you can change the look of your bag any time you want!  I think the concept is pretty cool! There are tons of “looks” and shells you can choose from,Continue reading “Miche Bag: Versatile Handbag Giveaway”

Note to Nurse Set Giveaway

WINNER: The winner (thanks to randomorg) is #4- Courtney. Congratulations.. please check your email! 🙂  I’m pleased to introduce you to a sweet little online shop; Mommy’s Little Monkey. It includes a wide range of beautiful nursing covers, burp rags and some super cute onesies for your little newborn. I have been looking for aContinue reading “Note to Nurse Set Giveaway”

Returning with a Giveaway

Winner! (As soon as Lucas knows his numbers I’m going to have him be the random choose for me…) 🙂 choose # 8- Jess from Keep it Together. Congratulations Jess! I’ve sent you an email! As you’ve probably noticed, I’m back to blogging! Taking a week off was just perfect for me, and I’mContinue reading “Returning with a Giveaway”