Questions on Bed Transitions, Gate at Door, and Sleep

I hope you are all having a great Monday! We had a great week with my dad visiting, seeing the huge sea lion at the Seward Sea Life Center, hiking up Exit Glacier, going on a bike ride, running a half marathon, and climbing up Flattop.  I just cried dropping him off at the airport (likeContinue reading “Questions on Bed Transitions, Gate at Door, and Sleep”

Rear Facing Car Seats: Are they Safer?

UPDATED: 3/21/11 The AAP has finally added a policy that suggest children should keep their kids rear facing until age TWO. Check out the link!!  It’s pretty obvious that we put our infants in an infant car seat that faces “backwards”- or rear facing from the day we bring them home from the Hospital. But,whenContinue reading “Rear Facing Car Seats: Are they Safer?”

Using Safe Bath Products on Your Children

Have you every thought that the products you’re putting on your kids could be harmful? A product that is full of toxic chemicals? That idea- the idea of chemicals in simple things like shampoo or bath bubbles- never occurred to me until I started looking into it, months before my son was born. At thisContinue reading “Using Safe Bath Products on Your Children”

Ask the Moms: How Do You Make Your Home Safe?

We are (hopefully) days away from moving into our 1st (purchased… in 78 years) home! It’s also the first place where I will need to child proof. It has stairs and my little love is into everything! I believe in child proofing for obvious safety reasons, but at the same time I don’t want everythingContinue reading “Ask the Moms: How Do You Make Your Home Safe?”