Who’s Right? Front & Back Seat Car Safety.

My husband and I are having a conversation over something. I’m right, I know I am, but I’m turning to see what you all think about this situation. But even if you don’t think I’m right, I know I’m right because I know what’s safer. Ha. 🙂 We have two cars, the family car andContinue reading “Who’s Right? Front & Back Seat Car Safety.”

Choosing Montessori School for our Toddler

My husband and I decided a while ago that we were strongly going to consider putting Lucas in a Montessori School. Whenever that time came, be it when he was 20 months or 3 years old, Montessori style teaching and learning, and the environment it has is something we see fit for our children andContinue reading “Choosing Montessori School for our Toddler”

3rd Bedroom: Guest Room, Kids Room or Playroom

One of the main requirements when we moved into a new house was that it had to have at least 3 bedrooms. I can’t imagine living in a 2 bedroom house right now, however….currently our 3rd bedroom is empty with a “office” in it. It has been used as a guest room a few timesContinue reading “3rd Bedroom: Guest Room, Kids Room or Playroom”