There’s a Girl Inside of You..

I walked into the gym, looking around at the weights, the machines, the oddly shaped … things? on the ground, wondering where to start, what to do with them and what’s the best one to start with.   I remember at hot yoga, leaving the class half way through and crying in the bathroom. IContinue reading “There’s a Girl Inside of You..”

5 Tips to Help You Rise Up

I want you to know that I completely understand how exhausting and difficult it can be to lose weight and reach your goals. I was 50 pounds overweight not long ago and I struggled with disordered eating habits. Even after losing the weight, I still struggle! Some days I will eat horrible or get downContinue reading “5 Tips to Help You Rise Up”

My Secret to Weight Loss

  To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed. Its just so weird to be overweight, out of shape, addicted to food and hopeless for so long… and then, what seems like has happened over night (which I know it’s been months and years of hard work backed up by more months of hard work, butContinue reading “My Secret to Weight Loss”