10 Day Jump Start Challenge

OUR NEXT GROUP STARTS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH! READ BELOW FOR ALL THE INFORMATION AND SEND $27 TO PAYPAL SAMANTHAMELLENFITNESS@GMAIL.COM WHEN YOU’RE READY! Hi, Friend! Have you ever felt like you wanted to start, but you just weren’t sure HOW to start? Have you ever felt embarrassed to step back into the gym? I have beenContinue reading “10 Day Jump Start Challenge”

the one thing about myself I never wanted anyone to know

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but it’s time. This is one of the steps to the path of freedom. I struggle with binge eating. I was a binge eater for years. I got so out of control that I gained fifty pounds over four years. I have been so ashamed and embarrassed ofContinue reading “the one thing about myself I never wanted anyone to know”